AANZPA - Conditions of Membership

  1. Payment of membership fees is continuous and applies until a letter of resignation is received by the Membership Secretary.
  2. All Members agree to comply with the AANZPA Code of Ethics.
  3. All Members will maintain a relationship of 'good standing’ with AANZPA.
  4. Ordinary Members are eligible to be nominated and elected to the Executive Committee of AANZPA Inc. and to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  5. Ordinary members will keep their currency up to date or be in touch with the Currency Committee.
  6. Associate Members and Affiliate Associate Members are not eligible to stand for the Executive Committee of AANZPA Inc. or vote at general meetings. In all other matters they have the rights and responsibilities as Ordinary Members.
  7. Associate Members will maintain a Training Agreement with their AANZPA accredited Psychodrama Training Institute or Campus.
  8. Associate Members will let the Membership Administrator know if anything changes that affects their membership or their Training Agreement is not current for the year.
  9. Associate Members will receive supervision from a supervisor approved by an accredited Training Institute or Campus for their psychodrama related work.
  10. Affiliate Associate Members who re-join a training program and have a current Training Agreement may apply to be an Associate Member using the normal membership joining process.