AANZPA’s Regions are established by the AANZPA executive and further the life of AANZPA and its members in each geographical area. There are six regions in Australia and four in Aotearoa   New Zealand. The regions organise and advertise local events, organise practitioner seminars, have conferences and carry out other important tasks in the life of AANZPA.

The regions are:


Aotearoa   New Zealand

AANZPA Regional Regulations (2007) (PDF)64.81 KB

AANZPA Regional Office Holders


President: Vanesa Valentine
Secretary: Selina Reid
Treasurer: David Grant
Committee: Faith Moon, Raywyn Brinsden, Cushla Clark


President: Renee Alleyne
Secretary: Dan Randow
Treasurer: Craig Whisker
Committee: Marcia Armadio, Carole Tanner, Kathleen Huitema.

Canterbury Westland

President: Simon Gurnsey
Secretary: Ali Watersong
Treasurer: Ali Begg
Committee: Sara Crane, Annette Currie, Gillian Rose, Colin Elliott, Mohammad Zareei

Otago Southland

President: Ika Peuckert


President: Rob Brodie
Secretary: Joan Hamilton-Roberts
Treasurer: Clare Davies
Committee: Phil Corbett, Saaskia Dickson, Teresa Mears


President: Lynley McNab
ACT Coordinator: Willi Boettcher
Secretary: Lynne Burchmore
Treasurer: Jenny Postlethwaite
Committee: Penny Beran, Yehoshua, Tina Roussos, Jo Dewar


President: Christo Patty
Secretary: Bernadette Ruytna
Treasurer: Jenny McIntosh
Assistant Treasurer: Elizabeth Synnot
Committee: Neil Simmons, Anna Heriot, Jane Morgan, Wendy McIntosh

South Australia

(currently in recess)
Caretaker President: Tony Densley
Caretaker Secretary: Jennifer Callanan
Caretaker Treasurer: Helen Densley

Western Australia

President: Helen Phelan
Treasurer: Kevin Franklin