AANZPA offers a range of membership categories as outlined below. All members receive communications about AANZPA conferences and meetings along with occasional newsletters and our annual journal. Membership of AANZPA also brings automatic membership to the AANZPA regional association in your area. AANZPA Inc maintains a membership database of addresses and relevant details. It is a member’s responsibility to notify the Membership Secretary of changes to these details. Up to date records permit the easy dissemination of notices and material as well as maintaining an accurate membership directory, which is published on the AANZPA’s website for members only.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership is open to practitioners who hold a current practice certificate issued by the AANZPA Inc Board of Examiners on payment of a fee. Ordinary Members are eligible to be nominated and elected to the AANZPA Executive and to vote at the AGM.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to those who have a demonstrated commitment to the Association and its goals and principles through undertaking ongoing training with an AANZPA accredited Training Institute or Campus for at least 6 months. An Associate member will have a current Training Agreement with an AANZPA accredited psychodrama Training Institute or Campus and get supervision when applying the psychodrama method. Your application must be accompanied by your sponsor’s letter which is completed on-line by an Ordinary or Distinguished Member who is involved in your training. This will be followed by payment of the relevant membership fee. Associate Membership is a requirement for advanced trainees. Associate Members are not eligible to stand for the Executive Committee of AANZPA Inc. or vote at general meetings. In all other matters they have the rights and responsibilities of Ordinary Members.

An Associate member of AANZPA who no longer has a Training Agreement with an AANZPA accredited psychodrama Training Institute or Campus is designated an Affiliate Associate member. Such members subscribe to AANZPA's code of ethics but are not bound by them. This category of membership has been created for Associate members who are no longer participating in on-going training with a Training Institute or Campus or taking a break from training. Affiliate Associate membership is only available to those who have already been an Associate member. When an Affiliate Associate Member has a new Training Agreement they may apply to be designated an Associate member.

Other Membership Categories

Distinguished Member

AANZPA may also appoint Ordinary Members as Distinguished Members. Any Ordinary Member may apply to the Executive Committee to become a Distinguished Member of the Association and the Executive Committee may in its absolute discretion admit an Ordinary member of the Association to be a Distinguished Member of the Association.

Honorary Distinguished Member

The Association may, upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee, admit any person (whether an ordinary member or not) to be an Honorary Distinguished Member of the Association.

Non-Practicing Member

The category of Non-Practicing member may also be made available to Ordinary Members in certain circumstances such as retirement from practice.

President’s Mailing List

President’s Mailing List is available to people who are not eligible for membership to AANZPA Inc and who wish to be assured of receiving publications and notices of events. These people may include those with overseas qualifications who are resident in Australia or Aotearoa   New Zealand and waiting for certification by AANZPA Inc, international applicants, professional associations and other interested professional people.

Application for Membership

To apply for Membership or to be listed on the President’s Mailing List, please email the AANZPA Membership Administrator Membership Fee information is available.

AANZPA Membership Fee

Applies from 1 July 2017

Ordinary Membership $280.00

Associate Membership $145.00

Affiliate Associate Membership $145.00

President's Mailing List $80.00

Non–Practicing $80.00

A Pro rata fee applies to new Associate members who join part way through the membership year.

July to January (Pre Conference) $145.00 (Full Fee)

January to June (Post Conference) Discounted rate $75.00