Ohomairaki is a group of Māori and Pakeha who have made a commitment to working together to develop a bi-cultural path within the life of the Australian and Aotearoa   New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA).

Ohomairaki formed following the Christchurch conference in 2004. An initial working party developed relationships within the regions and alongside local groups led six hui (gatherings), attracting members from all over New Zealand. These hui were enriching, vibrant and life giving, enabling both Pakeha and Maori to experience psychodrama on marae.

At a hui held at Koukourarata Marae in Christchurch in 2006, Kaumatua Rev. Maurice Gray gave the group its name, Ohomairaki; awaken to the cosmos. This gift inspired the group to live up to its name strengthening Ohomairaki’s identity within AANZPA, and among other initiatives inspired the association's name change to the Australian and Aotearoa   New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA).

Membership of Ohomairaki is open to all who are interested and all who wish to participate in hui and other Ohomairaki activities.

Other activities inspired by Ohomairaki include:

Hui have been held on the following dates at the marae listed:

Ohomairaki has attracted Maori back into training and have given other Maori a taste of the psychodramatic method ensuring there have been Maori protagonists. Ohomairaki has given Maori a way into knowing who they are and the hui have managed to hold people in painful times and enable robust debate.

Ohomairaki is led by a core group who have maintained relationships over distance and time. They function without a designated leader and share the leadership, which is no mean feat, standing behind those taking leadership at specific times.