Journal 24 December 2015

Setting the Scene: An Image Maker 80 Years On

...and when I take a break, I come over to my table, and that is what I saw (the photo below secretly taken by Rex Hunton). And in that moment, I began to laugh, tingle, and it seemed like everything in me resonated with: That is me now. I Am It! That’s It!

Evan McAra Sherrard

Evan Sherrard was an elder in our association. He was involved in the establishment of psychodrama in New Zealand: an innovator, practitioner and trainer. A book is being written about his contributions to the ministry, education, transactional analysis, psychodrama and psychotherapy.

Saying YES: Embracing Life As We Age

I am as old as my disappointments in life, and as young as my naughtiest thought.
- Xameb the Bushman (Pearse, 1973, p. 3)

Elizabeth and I greet each other with pleasure. I’m standing in the passage outside our office to give participants in a new group directions to our room. In greeting me she slows, but keeps moving slowly and steadily down the long passage. Her body is angled forward, her walker bearing her weight. She’s the first to arrive, as she was for every session of our previous group.

Psychodrama and Infant Mental Health: An Essay and a Conversation

The context for the work is an Infant Therapeutic Reunification Service. It is a joint health and child protection initiative in South Australia that works with 0-3 year-old infants who have been abused or neglected and their parent/s. Abusive parents come to the Service with minimal relational capacity and often actively work against being in relationship as their whole experience of relationship has been frightening. The focus of the work is learning to be in relationship. The client in the story has generously given permission for the work to be published and presented.

Psychodrama: Descendant of the Shamans

I have come to view shamanism as a predecessor of psychodrama: an ancestor. Perhaps shamanism lives in psychodrama, and psychodrama in shamanism. Perhaps they are siblings. Psychodrama and shamanism live inside me, intertwined and side by side, intimately connected. This is my world, my world view. This article is an exploration of the links between psychodrama and shamanism. As a beginning, I invite you to journey with me on a vision quest. This will serve as a grounding for later discussions.

Moreno's Scientific Methodology: By, Of and For the People

This paper is an exposition of the scientific methodology developed by Jacob Levy Moreno. It is based on an extensive reading of his writing and the discovery that the heart of his philosophy includes a research paradigm that incorporates human spontaneity and unpredictability. Six principles have been identified and formed into a working description so that research may be by the people, of the people, and for the people. The paper invites a greater consciousness of this research methodology.

Book Review Smash Asthma: The wisdom of wheezing

I am excited by this book for several reasons. Firstly, it incorporates the physiology of the work of psychodrama in a way that I do not think has been done before. Secondly, the examination of asthma through case studies identifies and challenges the co-dependency between medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. This is done with humility, but also with the rigour of a scientifically trained medical practitioner using his knowledge, professional experience and rational deduction.

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