Journal 4 December 1995

Journal 4 December 1995

Journal 4 December 1995 - Entire Journal

The FU Decision: Reflections on Antisocial Role Development

Abstract: The manner in which influences that lead to the FU decision by certain individuals, which result in their antisocial behaviour, can be brought out using psychodrama is discussed. The key role of Role Theory and Transactional Analysis (TA) in enabling cognitive development of such individuals is highlighted.

Using Psychodrama to Facilitate Victim Empathy in Adolescent Sexual Offenders

Abstract: A comprehensive community therapeutic programme which uses the psychodramatic method to facilitate victim empathy in adolescent sexual offenders is described. Examples are presented for the ways in which role theory and action methods are used in an 'offender drama' to encourage the offender to understand the experience of their victim.

Mediation: An Opportunity for Growth

Abstract: The merits and different approaches of mediation are discussed. The potential of psychodrama, as an approach for mediation, to provide opportunities for individual growth is highlighted.

Bringing in the Baby

Abstract: A psychotherapist describes the changes in her psychodrama group brought about by the presence of a baby among the members. It is believed that the changes in the baby through the sessions influenced the healing, creativity and self development of other clients.

The Transformation of an Autistic Pseudo-Martian using Psychodrama

Abstract: The manner in which psychodrama can be used to transform the perceptions of Autistic individuals, who are similar to pseudo-Martians on Earth due to their inability to understand others' facial and bodily expressions, is described. An example is presented to highlight the role of role play in enhancing the spontaneity and creativity of Autistic individuals in interacting with others.

Seizing the Moment: The Dramatic Impact of Role Training

Abstract: The crucial role that role training in psychodrama plays in accurately seizing a moment of high drama and insight into the protagonist's actions is emphasized. It allows viewers to be fully engaged with the situation which in turn results in improved understanding and interaction.

The Preparation and Writing of a Social and Cultural Atom Paper

Abstract: The manner in which writing the social and cultural atom paper helps a psychodramatist develop his/her positive identity and skills is discussed. Guidelines are presented on the preparatory steps involved and the communicative requirements needed to write the paper.

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