Zerka Moreno

Zerka T. Moreno

Zerka Moreno was a pioneer in psychodrama, formulating fundamental psychodramatic theory and embedding it in effective practice. She was a co-founder of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and she established the Psychodramatic Institute in New York in 1942 with J. L. Moreno. They began producing the journal Group Psychotherapy in 1947. She was J. L. Moreno’s partner and co-creator for over thirty years until his death in 1974. She continued training and teaching worldwide.

Through a Glass Darkly: Coming Face to Face With mirroring in Psychodrama

Mirroring is a central element in psychodrama but the term is used in variable ways in different contexts. In this article, Tim Mapel investigates these various meanings. He focuses first on the historical development of the mirror concept in the writings of J.L. and Zerka Moreno, both as a therapeutic technique and as a stage of human development. Later writings, particularly contributions by Dr. Max Clayton, are then considered followed by a discussion of the contemporary uses of mirroring in psychodramatic production.

Reflections on Role Theory

Excerpt: I am a child playing in the sand arranging and rearranging the sand to create forms that are my own form of art and meaning. I am constructing and deconstructing, involved with the texture of the sand, the tactile sense of the grains passing through my hands. I notice how the sand moves in response to my touch and the weight or wetness of the mounds. Sometimes the grains sparkle and I am reminded that sand is essentially glass and a central component in the manufacturing of steel. My father works with both glass and steel – he is a sculptor and engineer.

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