Dale Herron: Opportunity, courage, freedom

Dr Dale Herron expresses many roles in the AANZPA community. She is an initiator, explorer, experimenter, close companion, friend, mentor, supervisor, psychodramatist, educator and trainer. She is also a Distinguished Member of AANZPA and continues to be actively involved in the work of the Auckland Training Centre for Psychodrama.

While many members of AANZPA have met and worked with Dale, many others have not. In this article, Dale describes in her own words the early influences of her family and communities in the USA, her subsequent immigration to NZ and the many friendships and contributions she has made in AANZPA. Scattered throughout are her reflections on the process of ‘becoming’ through psychodrama and the freedoms inherent in the method.

The text is drawn from recent conversations between Dale and Selina Reid.

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