Book Review: The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama

Dr. Rebecca Ridge has been practising the psychodramatic method for 30 years. During this time she has also studied, taught and incorporated a broad range of somatic therapies into her work. This book is the culmination of her therapeutic practice, academic studies and extensive research. It is presented as a text book- cum-manual to assist psychodrama practitioners develop and integrate their abilities in somatic therapies.

The author addresses and references the alchemy of mind and body, psychodrama, somatic therapies and neuroscience fully. Her central hypothesis is that by integrating an ability to work with the body, a practitioner increases their effectiveness as a therapist, particularly in the area of healing and transformation. The theme running through her writing is that psychodrama and somatic therapy combined will assist the protagonist and the director to gain a deeper understanding and expression of the ‘self ’ or psyche/soul.

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