Book Review: A Clinician’s Guide to Psychodrama

My interest in this book was aroused as soon as I opened the front pages and scanned the contents page. I was instantly alerted that this might be the simple guide to psychodrama that I had always wanted. I reflected on my experiences many years ago, as a beginner psychodrama trainee, when I began experiential training with no understanding of the basic methods underpinning the action. At that time I would have benefited from having available a clear and simple guide to the method. Later, as a beginning clinician, I lacked a simple, straightforward text for reference on a day-to-day basis, both for my own guidance and for the education of students and other staff in the hospital in which I worked. Many years later, as an experienced clinician, I would still value such a guide. As a trainer, I would value a textbook to provide relevant, excellent and enlivening ideas and information to trainees. The book by Leveton appeared to be just the one that might meet all of these needs and I was delighted to read it.

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