Measuring the Efficacy of a Single Psychodrama Session

Current developments in psychotherapy research methodology are opening possibilities for psychodramatists to investigate the types of questions that are of interest to us as practitioners, and to communicate our findings to the wider community. The dynamic nature of the psychodrama method has made it difficult to apply traditional outcome research approaches without compromising the integrity of the method in the research design. A move towards practice-based research that answers questions about when and how interventions work best in relation to particular clients and their concerns (Greenberg, 1999), may be a better fit. A central principle of practice-based research is that it investigates therapy in its natural context rather than under imposed research conditions, and can therefore be applied to methods such as psychodrama, where the process unfolds in response to the emerging moment. a client who has had no previous psychodrama experience, and identifies specific links between events within the session and post-session changes.

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