Working with Indigenous Community Leaders in Cape York

Diz is a Sociodramatist and Peter is a Psychodramatist and TEP.

Both are on staff at the Queensland Training Institute of Psychodrama, which along with their successful organisation consulting business is now a part of the Moreno Collegium for Human Centred Learning, Research and Development. Over the past 4 years we have been running an 8 day Cape York Strategic Leaders Program in far North Queensland. The purpose is to work with leaders from remote indigenous communities in Cape York and so liberate their capacities to use their wisdom, experience and knowledge in an active and potent manner. We actively: apply the principle of spontaneity (Spontaneity rules!); reduce isolation between participants by building relationships; enlarge individual functioning and create and enjoyable learning- rich environments. is still in operation. So it is a complicated matter to have people from different communities. While there are clear connections and a pride in their differences, these differences are quite substantial.

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