Vivienne Thomson

Career Planning - A Psychodramatic Approach

Abstract: The author asserts that the career counsellor's role is similar to that of a psychodrama director to the protagonist in that both focus on the person's passage through life. She describes an approach to career planning that utilizes the principles of psychodramatic theory. It is suggested that psychodrama in career planning offers the individual the opportunity to enact psychodramatic roles that are central to their personality. The author describes an approach to career planning based on the principles of psychodrama.

Book Review: The Art of Facilitation: the essentials for leading great meetings and creating group synergy

The Art of Facilitation the essentials for leading great meetings and creating group synergy
by Dale Hunter, Stephen Thorpe, Hamish Brown, and Anne Bailey,
2007 Random House NZ
Reviewed by Vivienne Thomson

Moreno’s Golden Theatrical Rule: An Application in a Productivity Development Project

This article provides an account of how Moreno’s Golden Theatrical Rule was used to develop productivity in the New Zealand Immigration Contact Centre. When attended to, the relationship between the variables of the Golden Theatrical Rule, motion, state, and time, creates a unity that produces satisfying results. Interventions are described and commentary presented in relation to each of these variables, as well as the impact of the productivity project on the contact centre.

Reflections on Role Theory

Excerpt: I am a child playing in the sand arranging and rearranging the sand to create forms that are my own form of art and meaning. I am constructing and deconstructing, involved with the texture of the sand, the tactile sense of the grains passing through my hands. I notice how the sand moves in response to my touch and the weight or wetness of the mounds. Sometimes the grains sparkle and I am reminded that sand is essentially glass and a central component in the manufacturing of steel. My father works with both glass and steel – he is a sculptor and engineer.

Social Atom Repair and Lifelong Learning

Joan Chappell was one of the great thinkers and quiet toilers in AANZPA. She died in 2013 at the age of 92 in Tauranga after a life of working as a psychiatrist, GP and psychodramatist. She grew up in England, moved to Christchurch in the early 1970s before retiring to a ‘lifestyle village’ in Tauranga in 1992.

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