The Auckland Training Centre for Psychodrama

Information for Trainees

The Auckland Training Centre for Psychodrama (ATCP) is an educational trust providing training leading to certification as a AANZPA Inc. practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry and Role Training. The ATCP curriculum and practice is governed by the AANZPA Code of Ethics and Training and Standards Manual.

The work of the training centre is an integral aspect of AANZPA and the local region, AANZPA Northern. ATCP is supported by a Trust. For further information contact the Administrator. The training offered is supervised by the AANZPA Inc Board of Examiners and is provided in Auckland by a Team of Accredited Psychodramatists. These people are Dr Dale Herron, Marilyn Sutcliffe, Vivienne Thomson.

Purpose of Training

The aim of training is to bring about an integration of theory and practice through supervised experiential learning of psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, role training, and group work applied to the trainee's chosen profession or life identity.

Enrolment Criteria

  1. Have previous experience in psychodrama
  2. Preferably possess or are working towards professional qualifications
  3. Have the resources to commit themselves to the training and its requirements
  4. Identify and are willing to have regular supervision sessions with a suitable supervisor who can guide the trainee through the stages of development

The Training Process

Training is a developmental process designed to meet requirements described in the AANZPA Inc. Training and Standards Manual. Progress is determined by assessment of role development and readiness to commence the next phase of training. Assessment requirements are discussed by trainees with their supervisor and trainer at regular intervals through the training process.

The Structure of the Training Process

The purpose of the Foundations year is to provide an introduction and overview of the entire content of the method - psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, role training and group work. Throughout the programme, participants attend experiential weekends to gain further experience in the method. At the end of the Foundations training, each trainee has a 15-minute consultation with his or her trainer to review role development, progress and abilities. This consultation is held within the scheduled training session. The Foundations programme commences with an opening event followed by training sessions and experiential weekends that are continued throughout the year. All experiential weekends are included in the cost.

Experiential Weekends

These provide for trainees and others to explore their social atom and to attend to personal development.

Developing Practice

Trainees will participate in group interactions and dramas as audience, protagonist, auxiliary and director. They work to develop greater autonomy and authority. The ability to make oral and written reports of systemic assessments, followed by investigative discussion, is promoted.

Open Events

Some aspects of the training programme are open to participants not enrolled in year-long programmes. Details of these are provided on the Training Programme page. For further information, contact the Administrator.


All ATCP's programme events will be held at:

  • Old St Michael’s Church, Corban Estate Arts Centre, 426 Great North Road, Henderson.

Apply to the Administrator for brochures to enrol for events listed.

Supervision and Peer Groups

Supervision is regarded as being an integral part of the training process and is available individually or in small groups. Trainees are encouraged to form peer supervision groups and seek guidance from the Institute staff to establish these.

Training Hours and Records

A record of completed training hours is kept for all trainees. A statement of the year’s total training hours will be issued to trainees at the close of the year’s training. Trainees can request a printed record for a fee of $10.


A range of articles, books and theses may be purchased or borrowed from ATCP’s library. Please contact our librarian, Philippa van Kuilenburg ph: 620 5892 or mob: 021 678 621.

Privacy Policy

ATCP collects, uses and stores the information you provide on the enrolment form according to the principles of the Privacy Act 1993. The information will be used for administration and marketing purposes by ATCP and for the gathering of statistical data.


As mentioned in the Training Agreement, trainees are expected to be familiar with and abide by the AANZPA Code of Ethics.

All ATCP staff members are AANZPA members, and as such are bound by the AANZPA Code of Ethics. The ATCP has a Complaints Procedure which is attached as a pdf below.

Payment, Withdrawals and Refunds

Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to the start of a programme or as arranged with the Administrator. ATCP accepts automatic payments spread over the training year as agreed with the Administrator. A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to secure a place.

If changes are made to the programme, trainees will be notified. If a programme is cancelled, trainees will be refunded in full. For all programmes offered by ATCP a full refund (less the non refundable deposit) will be given for withdrawals made two weeks prior to the programme start date, no refund will be given for withdrawals after this time. Fees may be transferred at the discretion of the Institute.

Trainees not enrolled in programme courses

Trainees not enrolled in programme courses are expected to be in regular supervision with ATCP staff and have current training agreement as mutually determined in an annual interview. The fee for the interview is $120.

ATCP Training Programme 2016


ATCP Complaints Procedure

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