Chris Hosking/Cher Williscroft workshop - Humanising our Social Systems: a sociodrama training workshop

Nelson Branch of WPTI

Chris Hosking is a Psychodramatist, and Trainer, Educator and Practitioner on the teaching staff of Psychodrama Australia. Chris has conducted training workshops and seminars in psychodrama, sociometry, role training and group work for twenty-seven years and has been actively involved in supervision of trainees in Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar and Europe.

Cher Williscroft is a certified sociodramatist and Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP, AANZPA), teaching sociodrama throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Cher is managing director of Conflict Management Ltd and works with organisations, groups and individuals providing personal and professional effectiveness training. She also teaches short management courses focusing on leadership management, organisation and having fun at work.

Humanising our Social Systems: a sociodrama training workshop
‘The psychodramatic method is based on the idea of highly motivated human beings acting on the aspirations and deepest concerns of the society or subculture or small group in which they live.’
AANZPA Training and Standards Manual

This training workshop will focus on the tipping point where an organisation or social system realises its humane values, or, forgets or overlooks them. Kindness, helpfulness, collaboration, transparency, trust and empathy will be evident in a humane culture. The systems will be forgiving and compassionate; matters that are heartfelt by the individual are respected, tolerated and hopefully enjoyed. The loss or absence of these values results in a culture that is highly competitive, callous, heartless, severe and ‘machine like’.

This weekend we plan to liberate those aspects of ourselves that are a force for good so we are more able to sustain ourselves in the organisation culture and social groups in which we are working and living. We will explore systems that participants are actively involved in, unpack the complexities of these groups and organisations, formulate an analysis and create interventions. Sociodramatic enactments, sociometric investigations and role training will be the methodology applied in the workshop.

22 September, 2017 - 24 September, 2017

7.00 pm on Friday through to 4.30 pm Sunday – non residential

Chris Hosking and Cher Williscroft



Stopping Violence Rooms. 124 Vanguard Street, Nelson

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$380 incl gst