A Systemic View: Role Theory – a powerful guide

Nelson Branch of WPTI

Chris Hosking is a Psychodramatist, and Trainer, Educator and Practitioner on the teaching staff of Psychodrama Australia. Chris has conducted training workshops and seminars in psychodrama, sociometry, role training and group work for twenty-seven years and has been actively involved in supervision of trainees in Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar and Europe.

A Systemic View. Role Theory – a powerful guide
As an enactment unfolds the complexity of a system, be it of an individual or a group, the scene can appear chaotic, enigmatic and ever expanding and tempt the director to minimise the number of elements portrayed. Role theory assists us to remain steady, systemic and optimistic as the complex scene gradually reveals a fully meaningful picture. Critical to our therapeutic interventions, reflections, assessment and review of work underway or completed, identification of role development highlights the value of appropriate interventions and rise in spontaneity.

In this workshop there will be an emphasis on the concepts and application of role theory and the unique approach this theory makes to the human psyche. The workshop will involve the participants as directors, protagonists and auxiliaries as well as periods of reflection and review.

16 September, 2016 - 18 September, 2016

7pm on the Friday 16th to 4.30 pm on Sunday 18th September

Chris Hosking



Stopping Violence Rooms. 124 Vanguard Street, Nelson

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