Training in Action Dunedin

Information for Trainees

Psychodrama is a general term that refers to the philosophy and methods developed by Dr J L Moreno and furthered by practitioners in psychodrama associations worldwide. It includes classical psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, role training and spontaneity training. The vision of psychodrama is to assist all human beings to express themselves responsibly and creatively in the ordinary situations in which they live and work. This work, properly undertaken, will enable all people to bring into consciousness a greater sense of who they are and the unique purpose that each one has on this earth.

The Training Programme

Training in Action, Dunedin (TIA) provides training which leads to certification as a Psychodrama Director, Sociodrama Director, Sociometrist, or Role Trainer. TIA is part of the Christchurch Institute for Training in Psychodrama (CITP) and is accredited by Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc (AANZPA).

Training involves attending the year-long programmes, training and experiential workshops, reading, writing, peer group activities and supervision. Most courses are open to those who wish to develop their professional abilities without necessarily becoming certificated practitioners.

  • Core Curriculum Training introduces the core elements of the psychodrama method.
  • Intermediate Training strengthens trainees' directing, auxiliary and group work. At this point trainees write a short paper in an area of interest applicable to their work.
  • Advanced Training. Trainees are required to choose a primary trainer, to belong to AANZPA, to run groups in the community and have supervision on their work.

The CITP may create multi-level training groups to suit training needs.

See the on-going training groups and CITP stand-alone workshops here: CITP Training Programme.

See the on-going training groups and Training in Action stand-alone workshops here: TIA Training Programme.

National Workshops

Some workshops from other Aotearoa New Zealand Institutes are open to all trainees or professionals: National Workshops.

Application for Training

Trainees need to have, be working towards, or planning to attain a professional qualification in their chosen field.
Application is done in three stages:

  1. Apply using the online form here: Enrol.
  2. A Training Interview for new trainees. The purpose of the interview is to determine professional goals and to assess the relevance of prior learning, to outline the training process and to begin to develop a training plan. This interview is free of charge. Contact a Staff member or the CITP administrator to make an appointment.
  3. You will be notified of acceptance at the interview or by email. Your place will be confirmed by the payment of fees.

Once the enrolment is confirmed this Training Agreement is in place.

Enrolment Policy

  • To qualify for the discounted fee for Psychodrama Training, enrolment and full payment must be completed by 31st January.
  • For all stand-alone training workshops, full payment is required prior to the commencement of the course.
  • The CITP reserves the right to postpone any event. In case of cancellation a full refund of fees paid will take place.
  • Deposits are refundable up to two weeks before the start of the training event (please note that in the event of withdrawal a $50.00 administration fee will be charged).
  • Before booking a flight to attend a workshop please check with the organiser that the minimum number of members for the group has been reached.
  • Receipts are supplied on request.
  • All fees include GST.

Please note that payment options can be flexible. Contact the CITP Administrator for further information.

Training Plan

The training plan created by the trainee. New trainees will develop this document in their first year of training. Trainees who are re-enrolling will update their training plan before they enrol. (More...)

Peer Practice Groups

Guidelines for Psychodrama Peer Practice Groups ::: Download PDF :::

Curriculum and Accreditation

The curriculum for each programme is based on the material set out in the AANZPA Training and Standards Manual and includes teaching, practice, coaching, and supervision.

The process of accreditation is described in the AANZPA training manual, and involves both written and practical assessments.

Training Scholarships

The CITP offers scholarships of up to $800 each for new trainees entering the Psychodrama Training Program. (More...)


Supervision is an integral part of the training process. As trainees progress in their training, and apply the method in their life and work, supervision assists in the integration of new learning.
Individual and group supervision sessions are available from the Institute staff and other approved supervisors. A suitable supervisor is selected in consultation with the current trainer.

Training Records

The Institute maintains a record of the courses it conducts. In addition to this trainees are expected to keep a record of their own attendance at training events.

Listed Trainees

Trainees who are NOT enrolled in an ongoing a course can continue to have their training record maintained by the Institute. Listed trainees can attend opening and closing evenings and will be kept informed of the year's activities. To be eligible a trainee will need to have a current Training Plan. The fee covers a training interview and administration. Go here to: List as a Trainee.

Once the listing is confirmed this Training Agreement is in place.

Psychodrama Library

TIA maintains an up to date library, with a range of articles, books, journals and theses. These may be borrowed by trainees.

Instructions for using the Dunedin Psychodrama Library Online Catalogue, at is here: ::: Download PDF :::


All CITP staff members are AANZPA members, and as such are bound by the AANZPA Code of Ethics. The CITP has a Complaints Procedure.

CITP Trust

The CITP is an Educational Trust, registered with the Charities Commission, and is operated by a Management Committee in liaison with a Board of Trustees. The Trustees are: Grant Walker (chair), Simon Gurnsey (Secretary/Treasurer), Ali Begg and Caroline Murray. Training has been provided by the CITP, in both Christchurch and Dunedin, since it was established in 1986.