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ANZPA Conference 2007

Playing with a systemic perspective

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Psychodrama is a method that promotes systemic thinking, spontaneity and creativity. This thinking emphasises the interconnection and interdependence of all things.

A deeper exploration of ourselves and the world in which we participate will enable us to discover the inseparability of all life and our appropriate place in the great chain of being. When this occurs we begin to discover the sacred in ourselves and in nature.

We are delighted to offer a wide range of presentations, workshops and discussions that address the conference theme of playing with a systemic perspective.

The conference will highlight the many and varied systems in which we work and play and will assist us to increase the creativity and spontaneity in our life, our relationships and our world. In particular we welcome the opportunity to work closely with tangata whenua of our land, Aotearoa, so that we promote and enjoy the richness of our bi-cultural heritage.

Joan Daniels
Conference Convenor
ANZPA Conference 2007
Playing With the Systemic Perspective

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Conference Dates

Wednesday, January 24 5pm to Sunday, January 28 3pm

Contact Details

The Conference Registrar
PO Box 17 220,
Wellington 6147,
New Zealand
Ph: +64 4 972 8186
Fax: +64 4 476 8184

Conference 2007 Programme Conference Brochure PDF, 153KB

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