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Workshop Abstracts

Arohanui-Grace - It's all in the warm-up... abstract
Paul Baakman - Tele and the development of intuition abstract
Rob Brodie - Playing in the cracks abstract
Rob Brodie - Supervision and sharing for trainers in the ANZPA system abstract
Brendan Cartmel - Playing with an EVER BIGGER systemic perspective abstract
Max Clayton - The business of warming up a group abstract
Jo-Anne Colwell - Bullying: an exploration of the roles and systems abstract
Mike Consedine - Concretisation as a primary intervention abstract
Phillip Corbett - Using improvisational drama exercises to explore family and work systems abstract
Mario Cossa - Befriending your amygdala: playing with the brain">abstract
as a neurological system abstract
Sara Crane - A necklace of raindrops - jewels and tears abstract
Helen Densley - When systems talk with each other... abstract
Tony Densley - Engaging with world religions: systems in action abstract
John Faisandier & Richard Moss - Exploring ethical dilemmas: a systemic look at interesting cases abstract
Annette Fisher - Systems with artistry abstract
Kevin Franklin - The healing sorcerer: are we yes-but apprentices or genuin healers? abstract
Tim Gartside - Generating perspectives abstract
Haydn Gibson - Let's play with our dreams abstract
Cary Hayward - Assisting couples to get beside each other through doubling abstract
Kate Hill - Mapping changes in our lives: a presentation and demonstration of the social and cultural atoms as a working concept abstract
Brigid Hirschfeld - Where four worlds meet: the client, the therapist, their relationship and the context abstract
Chris Hosking - The balcony as a resource abstract
Peter Howie - Working with the intersecting systems of different levels of learning abstract
Jenny Hutt - Putting the 'play' back into role play abstract
Diana Jones - The sociometry and social networks of leaders abstract
Hilde Knottenbelt - More than the sum of its parts: improvised harmony singing and spoken word abstract
Liz Marks - Playing with gratitude: a healer on our journey abstract
Meredith McLeod - The older person is part of the equation abstract
Charmaine McVea - The spontaneous auxiliary: bringing the protagonist's system to life abstract
Jo Milne-Holmes & Kate Hill - Shift and change: moving bodies in systems-aware psychodramatic direction abstract
Patricia O'Rourke - Attachment capacity and social atom repair: a systemic perspective abstract
Simon & Carol Parkinson-Jones - Towards reconciliation: healing the pain of separation abstract
Viv Pender - Spontaneity in reviewing a life in a palliative care system abstract
Elaine Sachnoff - Intensity abstract
Katerina Seligman - Applying principles of the creative process to the fulfilment of your life goals abstract
Carol Shand & Roberta Simpkins - Tatou tatou e: recognising diversity - coming together in unity abstract
Diz Synnot - Creating life-enhancing and life-giving social systems abstract
Sandra Turner - Holding the strands of the trainer-trainee system abstract
Craig Whisker - Discovering the 'I' in family abstract
Cher Williscroft - Getting a handle on time abstract