AANZPA Conference 2017, Auckland, Aotearoa  New Zealand

At the Quality Hotel and Conference Venue,

10 – 20 Gladstone Road, Parnell

Conference Statement

Our focus for the AANZPA Conference Auckland 2017 is inspired by the wide¬†range of our Member’s applications of the psychodrama method. We are¬†looking forward to seeing you there.

J. L. Moreno envisioned psychodrama as a method that brought together the stage and the theatre with psychology, education, sociology, cultural anthropology, psychiatry and other branches of the social sciences. In AANZPA our practice of psychodrama bridges our different identities. Through this conference we aim to celebrate our diversity and share insights gained as a result of our application of the method.

Warm regards,
Marian Hammond and Sue Christie
Conference Convenors

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2017 Conference

The Quality Hotel and Conference Venue, Parnell, 10-20 Gladstone Road

  • 5:00pm,  Wednesday 25 – 3:00pm Sunday 29 January, 2017
  • Early bird fee: $650.00 (NZD, GST Inclusive)

Pre – Conference Workshops

Dates & Prices:

Workshop 1: Personal Development – Richard Hall & Annette Fisher

  • Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 January
  • Price: $495.00 (NZD, GST Inclusive)

Workshop 2: From Personality Order to Disorder – Dr. Neil Hucker

  • Tuesday 24 January
  • Price: $250.00 (NZD, GST Inclusive)

Workshop 3: Being Here and Now with Dr. Karen Horney’s Legacy of ‘Coping’ – Dr. Kevin Franklin

  • Wednesday 25 January
  • Price: $230.00 (NZD, GST Inclusive)

Post – Conference Workshop

Dates & Price:

Workshop 4: Progressing Moreno’s Hypotheses – Vivienne Thomson & Walter Logeman

  • Monday 30 & Tuesday 31 January
  • Price: $495.00 (NZD, GST Inclusive)