Journal 1 December 1992

Journal 1, December 1992

Journal 1 December 1992 - Entire Journal

The Story: An historical account of my path to the idea of 'Magister Ludi, Master of Play'

Abstract: This article is an extract from the thesis Francis has written for his qualification as a psychodrama director. This portion of the thesis was selected for this article because it reveals something of Francis' ongoing journey over several years. Through the reading, we may be assisted to realise or re-realise the strength and power that can be inherent in gradually and steadfastly working to achieve long term goals.

Drivers and Restrainers

Abstract: Learning methods involving enactment are being increasingly utilised in the training and development of managers as an adjunct to formal information learning sessions. Their advantage lies in creating learning which integrates action, thought and feeling. This article describes the enactment of a Lewin Force Field as a means of understanding and changing organisational culture in a middle management public sector context.

The Conductor's Baton as a Magic Wand

Abstract: A woman conductor discusses her wish to bring more freedom in the performances of her musicians through her conducting. She also wants to include psychodrama in her orchestra so as to enable musicians to work better with their instruments, the conductor and the audience.

Psychodrama in the Post Modern World

Abstract: The key role that Psychodrama could be made to play in the development of the Post Modern world is emphasized. The educative role of Psychodrama and its concept of spontaneity must be stressed in order to encourage and nurture the creativity needed in steering the Post Modern world.

The Application of Sociodrama in the Training of Middle Management

Abstract: The utility of the sociodramatic approach in the training of a group of middle managers is demonstrated. The article discusses a series of steps through which the roles systems of the managers change from compliance to an external system to collaborative, individually internalised, vision-driven ones that enable them to strategically manage public sector dilemmas.

Training The Auxiliary Ego

Abstract: Auxiliary work is central to psychodrama method and a necessary aspect of individual development. In this paper there is an illustration of its relevance to, and the development in, one client. There is also a section giving detailed instructions to new participants about performing as an auxiliary.

The Tantalus Myth

Abstract: A teacher in the Special Needs Department of Wellington High School discusses the dramatic method he used to raise the self-esteem of his students with learning difficulties. He describes the way in which enacting the different roles in the Tantalus myth provided them with an expanded life experience and enhanced their self esteem.

Medical Journey to Another World

Abstract: A doctor describes how his experience in psychodrama groups has enhanced his medical practice. He discusses how psychodrama group work has made him realise the value of relationships and understand his patients' problems in the context of their relationship with their situations.

Book Review: "Directing Psychodrama, A Training Companion" by G Max Clayton

Book Review: "Directing Psychodrama, A Training Companion" by G Max Clayton. Review by Leon Fine

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