NSW / A.C.T.

NSW Contact Person: Lynley McNab
ACT Coordinator: Willi Boettcher

South Australia

President: Tony Densley
Secretary: Jennifer Callanan
Treasurer: Dianne Pepicelli
Committee Member: Paula Bonney
Contact address: The South Australian Region of AANZPA, ANZPASA PO Box 232 DAW PARK SA 5041.
Contact email:


Contact Person: 


President:  Bernadette Rutyna
Treasurer: Jenny Macintosh
Secretary: Elizabeth Synnot
Members: Jane Morgan, Chris Patty, Anna Heriot

Western Australia

President: Helen Phelan
Treasurer: Kevin Franklin

Aotearoa New Zealand


President: Selina Reid
Secretary:  Jane Goessi 
Treasurer: Cushla Clark
Committee: Faith Moon, Marilyn Sutcliffe, Cissy Rock


President: Ali Watersong
Secretary: Dan Randow
Treasurer: Anya van Holten
Committee: Kathleen Huitema, Simon McLellan, Simon Parkinson-Jones


President: Simon Gurnsey
Secretary: Uli Frank
Treasurer: Ali Begg
Committee: Sara Crane, Mairehe Tankersley, Mohammad Zareei, Jo Fasheun

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President: Maria  Snegirev
Secretary: Judith McDonald
Treasurer: Rebecca Shaw
Committee: Trisha Bennett, Cinnamon Boreham


About Regions

AANZPA’s Regions are established by the AANZPA executive and further the life of AANZPA and its members in each geographical area. There are six regions in Australia and four in Aotearoa New Zealand. The regions organise and advertise local events, organise practitioner seminars, have conferences and carry out other important tasks in the life of AANZPA.