AANZPA is committed to promoting the development and dissemination of psychodrama related research so that we continue to build the body of knowledge which informs our practice and strengthens our professional identity, and as a forum to promote communication with other professionals and with the community.

The genesis of new ideas occurs in the field, and research that builds on the conceptual developments of practitioners is more likely to advance our understanding of the types of issues that confront practitioners and their clients. We are therefore keen to build the identity of ‘researcher’ within the AANZPA community so that practitioners can confidently pursue their research interests and/or build collaborative relationships with researchers.

AANZPA Research Committee

Masters and Doctoral Research Completed by AANZPA Members

Listed here are university-based theses completed by AANZPA members, which contribute to our understanding of psychodramatic theory or practice. A wide range of research interests is represented, including the investigation of psychodramatic theory or practice, the application of psychodramatic concepts to broader professional, social and personal concerns, and the development of research tools.

  • Resolving painful emotional experience during psychodrama. McVea, C. S (2009)
  • The body alchemy of psychodrama: A phenomenologically-based qualitative evaluation of a training manual for trainers and practitioners of psychodrama group therapy and group psychotherapy. Ridge, R. (2007)
  • A critical history of the influence of Jacob L. Moreno’s concepts and techniques on nursing: 1930s to 1990s McIntosh, W. H (1999)
  • An Information System for Psychotherapy Research using Expert Commentary of Videotaped Expertise. Carter, P. D. (1997)
  • Gender identity in the homosexual male: Identifying and testing two theories of object relations within the personality. Franklin, K. (1991)

Research Resources

Elliott, R., Fischer, C. T., & Rennie, D. L. (1999). Evolving guidelines for publication of qualitative research studies in psychology and related fields. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 38, 215-229.