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AANZPA’s annual conference is primarily a meeting of its members and others wishing to be involved in AANZPA’s objects. Each conference is hosted by a different AANZPA region. Visitors are welcome to attend and participate in this experience of our work.

AANZPA Conference 2020


Beauty and Truth—Ugliness and Ignorance


College House, Ōtautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand


  • Conference Dates: 5:00 pm Wednesday 22nd to 3:00 pm Sunday 26th January 2020
  • AGM on Saturday, 25th January 2020
  • Pre-Conference Workshops: Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd January 2020
  • Post-Conference Workshops: Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th January 2020

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Past Conferences

2019 Brisbane 2019 Conference Information
2018 Brisbane 2018 Conference Information
2017 Auckland is inspired by the wide range of our Member’s applications of the psychodrama method ….
2016 Sydney …. the truth is in the relationship ….
2015 Christchurch Moreno: a man of his time; a man for our times
2014 Melbourne Garden of Spontaneity
2013 Wellington Daring in the ‘city of action … the world headquarters of the verb’
2012 Brisbane The No-Frills Conference
2011 Auckland To Be and to Create, that is the Challenge
2010 Sydney Meeting at the Edge
2009 Dunedin Social Atom Repair in Ourselves and Social Repair in our Communities He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is people, it
is people, it is people.
2008 Melbourne A Vital Presence: Contemporary Psychodrama in Love and Work
2007 Wellington Playing with a Systemic Perspective
2006 Brisbane There is an Oasis. Come. Enjoy.
2005 Adelaide Reversing Roles – Daring to Live in Shifting
2004 Christchurch An Everlasting Present
2003 Auckland Encounter and Association
2002 Sydney The Well of Possibility
2001 Melbourne The Tyranny of Difference
2000 Nelson Call to Connection
1999 Perth The Moment of Turning
1998 Christchurch The Magic Charter
1996 Brisbane Dancing with Life
1995 Adelaide Co-Creating the Future
1994 Auckland Psychodrama in the World
1992 Canberra The Meeting Place
1991 Melbourne Utopia
1990 Christchurch The Spirit of Creativity
1989 Perth Catching the Light
1988 Sydney Tapestry
1987 Wellington Festival of Four Winds
1986 Brisbane Becoming Whole
1985 Melbourne Action ’85
1984 Adelaide Gathering
1983 Perth The Journey
1982 Auckland
1981 Sydney

More Information about the AANZPA Conference 2020

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