AANZPA Conference 2007


Psychodrama is a method that promotes systemic thinking, spontaneity and creativity. This thinking emphasises the interconnection and interdependence of all things.

A deeper exploration of ourselves and the world in which we participate will enable us to discover the inseparability of all life and our appropriate place in the great chain of being. When this occurs we begin to discover the sacred in ourselves and in nature.

We are delighted to offer a wide range of presentations, workshops and discussions that address the conference theme of playing with a systemic perspective.

The conference will highlight the many and varied systems in which we work and play and will assist us to increase the creativity and spontaneity in our life, our relationships and our world. In particular we welcome the opportunity to work closely with tangata whenua of our land, Aotearoa, so that we promote and enjoy the richness of our bi-cultural heritage.

Joan Daniels
Conference Convenor
ANZPA Conference 2007
Playing With the Systemic Perspective


Conference 2007 Programme



The conference will begin on Wednesday, 24 January and conclude Sunday, 28 January..

Conference 2007 Programme

Organising Committee

Conference Organising Committee Membership
  • Joan Daniels – convenor
  • Marcia Amadio – treasurer
  • John Faisandier – registrar
  • Gillian Myrea – member
  • Chris Hill – member

The Core Committee emerged from the early meetings of our region towards the end of last year. The committee represents the three areas of ANZPA Central Region – Wellington, Palmerston North and Nelson. Over 20 other people are involved in preparing the conference.

Format of the Conference

The Conference will begin on Wednesday with a powhiri (formal welcome) that acknowledges the sacredness of the place in which we are meeting, the local people and especially the “waewae tapu” (sacred feet) of the visitors.

Ohomairaki, the ANZPA Bi-cultural group in Aotearoa New Zealand are involved in preparing this welcome together with the tangata whenua (local people) from Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington.

Following the evening meal there will be an opening address by Tahu Potiki, CEO of Te Rū∑nanga o Ngāi Tahu. Ngāi Tahu are the main South Island Iwi (tribe). Tahu has done considerable a amount of training in psychodrama, has worked with the method and now heads one of the largest tribal corporate organisations in New Zealand.

There will be two pre-conference workshops and two post conference workshops.


The conference will be held at the Student Union BuildingVictoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

This venue overlooks the beautiful harbour city of Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, the jewel of New Zealand cities, at the head of Te Ika a Maui (Maui’s fish the North Island). Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand with the famous Beehive House of ParliamentTe Papa Museum, the Cable Car and the home of the Lord of the Rings studios. The city offers many walking tracks to explore the hills through the town belt where you can view the harbour from many different angles. There is a wide range of cafes and restaurants close to the University.


Conference accommodation is at historic student hostel, Weir House, Gladstone Tce, Wellington. This is on the edge of the main Victoria University campus, 5 – 10 minutes easy walk from the conference venue, the Student Union. Transport will be available for those with limited mobility.

Single rooms have phones and wash basins. Bed and breakfast $60.

Twin rooms have two single beds, no phone or basin. Bed and breakfast $45.

Shared bathroom facilities for single and double rooms are at the end of each corridor.

Weir House Facilities

Computers are available and computer cards can be purchased at Weir House for $5.
Phone Cards are also available for purchase.
Parking is limited to 10 spaces and will be allocated according to need.

Pre- and post-conference workshops are at Weir House. Accommodation is available in the days leading up to the conference and for several days after the conference.



Download the Registration Form (PDF 78KB) or Registration Form (Word 30KB). Post, email or fax the completed form, along with your payment, to the Conference Registrar.

If you register and pay the full fee by November 30, 2006 you will qualify for the early bird registration. This is a saving of $50! Members of ANZPA Inc are entitled to a special membership rate, provided their membership subscription payment is up to date at the time of registering.

We are accepting payment by credit card (Mastercard and Visa), bank cheque and personal cheque made out in New Zealand dollars. Direct Credit can be made to the Conference Bank Account (NZ only). Do not send cash in the mail. Registration for the Conference will only be accepted if accompanied by payment in full.

When you have registered, we will communicate with you by email. Please include an email address on the registration form. If you do not have an email address, provide the email address of someone who can forward information to you.

  Members Non-Members

Whole Conference Registration
Incl. GST Incl. GST

Early Bird Conference Fee (fee must be paid in full by November 30, 2006 to qualify as Early Bird)


Full Registration Fee after November 30, 2006

Pre and Post Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshop. Exploring psychodrama as a systemic method: Max Clayton


Pre-conference workshop. “A story is like the wind…” Bev Hosking & Mary Good


Post-conference workshop. The weird and wonderful world of systems – a sociodrama training workshop: Vivienne Thomson


Post-conference workshop. The adolescent arena: Effective action strategies for working with youth and their social systems: Mario Cossa


Single Room per night


Twin Share Room per night

Dinner Dance

Extra ticket


Dinner Dance

A sumptuous smorgasbord meal has been arranged so that all tastes are well catered for.

Within a short time the fabulous Rhythm Plant band will strike up and play an exciting array of dance tunes for you to dance your troubles away until close to the bewitching hour. This will be the time for the wise to head off to their beds and for the wicked to continue partying down in the city.

Extra tickets to the dinner and dance are available for $75 and we encourage you to bring a partner to enjoy this conference highlight.

The wonderful Dinner Dance will be held at the prestigious Skyline Restaurant at the top of the famous Cable Car. Guests staying at Weir House will travel in the Cable Car to be greeted by Wellington ANZPA members and the staff of the Skyline Restaurant. We have this venue booked exclusively for the Conference Dinner and Dance.

As you sample your complimentary glass of champagne and mingle with other conference attendees, all dressed in their glamorous threads and sparkling jewellery, you will look out at the sun setting on the city and harbour. This is a million dollar view of Wellington. As colleagues and friends we will continue to celebrate the work of ANZPA that we have focused on during the AGM and the Life of the Association that day.


At Conference 07 we have taken the challenge of catering very seriously. We consider your nourishment and well being as being a primary concern to us. To this end we have worked closely with the venue caterers to provide a menu that is interesting, satisfying and addresses the particular dietary requirements of psychodramatists!

The menu will include a selection of seasonal foods presented in interesting ways. Over the five days of the conference you will get to try from the extensive Eurest menu options we have chosen. Vegetarian options will be provided as a matter of course at each meal.

For those with special food requirements your individual meals will be prepared for you which you can uplift from the food service area. You will need to give us specific instructions in advance so that we can co-ordinate with the caterer. There is a place on the registration form to indicate this. 

For those living at Weir House, breakfast is included in the room rate. Weir House is student accommodation and this is reflected in the price and the expected level of food available. Full breakfasts will be available each day. During the pre-conference and post-conference workshops all meals will be provided at Weir House.

We will be also providing fresh fruit and fresh coffee for those living in. For those looking for something extra there are many lovely restaurants and cafes down in the city, a brief walk or cable car ride to get there.

Kapiti Island Trip

A post-conference trip has been organised to Kapiti Island, a nature reserve near Wellington. The trip will be on the day after the Conference finishes, Monday January 29.

Conference Workshops, Papers and Presenters

Arohanui-Grace – It’s all in the warm-up.
Paul Baakman – Tele and the development of intuition
Rob Brodie – Playing in the cracks 
Rob Brodie – Supervision and sharing for trainers in the ANZPA system
Brendan Cartmel – Playing with an EVER BIGGER systemic perspective
Max Clayton – The business of warming up a group
Jo-Anne Colwell – Bullying: an exploration of the roles and systems
Mike Consedine – Concretisation as a primary intervention
Phillip Corbett – Using improvisational drama exercises to explore family and work systems
Mario Cossa – Befriending your amygdala: playing with the brain as a neurological system
Sara Crane – A necklace of raindrops – jewels and tears
Helen Densley – When systems talk with each other…
Tony Densley – Engaging with world religions: systems in action
John Faisandier & Richard Moss – Exploring ethical dilemmas: a systemic look at interesting cases
Annette Fisher – Systems with artistry
Kevin Franklin – The healing sorcerer: are we yes-but apprentices or genuine healers?
Tim Gartside – Generating perspectives
Haydn Gibson – Let’s play with our dreams
Cary Hayward – Assisting couples to get beside each other through doubling
Kate Hill – Mapping changes in our lives: a presentation and demonstration of the social and cultural atoms as a working concept
Brigid Hirschfeld – Where four worlds meet: the client, the therapist, their relationship and the context
Chris Hosking – The balcony as a resource
Peter Howie – Working with the intersecting systems of different levels of learning
Jenny Hutt – Putting the ‘play’ back into role play
Diana Jones – The sociometry and social networks of leaders
Hilde Knottenbelt – More than the sum of its parts: improvised harmony singing and spoken word
Liz Marks – Playing with gratitude: a healer on our journey
Meredith McLeod – The older person is part of the equation
Charmaine McVea – The spontaneous auxiliary: bringing the protagonist’s system to life
Jo Milne-Holmes & Kate Hill – Shift and change: moving bodies in systems-aware psychodramatic direction
Patricia O’Rourke – Attachment capacity and social atom repair: a systemic perspective
Simon & Carol Parkinson-Jones – Towards reconciliation: healing the pain of separation
Viv Pender – Spontaneity in reviewing a life in a palliative care system
Elaine Sachnoff – Intensity
Katerina Seligman – Applying principles of the creative process to the fulfilment of your life goals
Carol Shand & Roberta Simpkins – Tatou tatou e: recognising diversity – coming together in unity 
Diz Synnot – Creating life-enhancing and life-giving social systems 
Sandra Turner – Holding the strands of the trainer-trainee system
Craig Whisker – Discovering the ‘I’ in family
Cher Williscroft – Getting a handle on time

Pre and Post Conference Workshops

Pre- and post-conference workshops will be held at the Conference Accommodation, Weir House. Pre- and post-conference registration: Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Pre Conference Workshops

Exploring Psychodrama as a Systemic Method

Workshop Leader: Max Clayton

‘A Story is Like the Wind…’

Workshop Leaders: Bev Hosking and Mary Good

Post Conference Workshops

The Weird and Wonderful World of Systems – a Sociodrama Training Workshop

Workshop Leader: Vivienne Thomson

The Adolescent Arena: Effective Action Strategies for Working with Youth and their Social Systems

Workshop Leader: Mario Cossa

Pre Conference Workshops

Dates and Times

Tuesday, January 23 9.30am to 5pm with evening session 7.30 to 9.30: Wednesday, January 24. 9.30 am to 4.30pm

Costs include workshop meals but not accommodation. Book and pay for accommodation separately on registration form. Costs are in $NZ and incl.. GST

Exploring Psychodrama as a Systemic Method

Workshop leader

Dr. Max Clayton (Aust)


Psychodrama is indeed a systemic method. It is intended to open individuals out to the breadth of their lives and the breadth of the universe. When a drama is developed in a complete way there is an experience of immense satisfaction for the director, protagonist and group members.

The purpose of this workshop is to enlarge awareness of the possibilities for opening out a drama to the largeness of life during every phase of an enactment and to refine the ability to make good use of the psychodramatic techniques of scene setting, concretisation, maximisation and interviewing for role as a drama unfolds.

Please look forward to plenty of opportunities to learn and practice. Max is looking forward to demonstrating the opening out of a drama and to being involved in discussion, teaching and coaching in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

The workshop should be OK for everyone whether you are beginning to involve yourself in this method or whether you are an old hand.

About the Workshop Leader

Max Clayton has spent a large part of his life creating dramas. He sees the ever-present possibility of enlarging our capacity to be expressive and to include in our orbit aspects of life that have been previously hidden. He enjoyed training at the Moreno Institute and developing work as a psychodramatist. He has established training programs in Australia and New Zealand, in Japan, and in Europe and is the founder of the psychodrama association in Australia and New Zealand.


$385 incl. GST (includes workshop meals but not accommodation)

A Story is Like the Wind…’

Workshop Leaders

Bev Hosking (NZ) and Mary Good (Aust)


The stories – personal, family and cultural – that we are told and tell ourselves throughout our lives contribute to the shaping of our identity, values, and beliefs and influence our view of ourselves and our view of others. These stories also have an effect on our capacity to hear new stories, to listen to those who are different from us (the other).

In this workshop we will explore difference and whether telling and listening to stories creates conditions that build receptivity, induce a spirit of enquiry and enlarge our capacity to stay with not immediately understanding, with not-knowing. These are important abilities in maintaining spontaneity in any relationship system.

Participants will be involved in group work, telling and listening, and a range of enactments.

About the Workshop Leaders

Mary Good is a psychologist who is a qualified psychodramatist and a qualified group analytic psychotherapist. She is also a Playback Theatre practitioner and is currently studying painting and sculpture at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In both her art work and her practice as a group analyst she is very interested in what happens in the communication from one person to another. What is communicated, what is received and what is created as result.

Bev Hosking is a role trainer and is experienced in action methods that aim to promote social dialogue and the formation of cohesive communities. She has been an International Fellow at Brandeis University exploring the theme of Re-casting Reconciliation through Arts and Culture and is currently taking part in training in the use of telling stories to create dialogue. She is a founding staff member, trainer and Executive Director of Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute. She works as an individual and small group supervisor, consultant trainer, counsellor and Playback Theatre practitioner and trainer.


$385 incl. GST (includes workshop meals but not accommodation)

Post Conference workshops

Dates and Times

Monday Jan 29th January 9.30am to 5pm with evening session 7.30 to 9.30
Tuesday 30th January 9.30 am to 4.30p

The Weird and Wonderful World of Systems – a Sociodrama Training Workshop

Workshop Leader

Vivienne Thomson (NZ)


This training workshop is for anyone working with or within an organisation seeking to better understand or influence the organisational dynamics. Considering systems in different ways can lead to new insights into how an organisation works, why it has problems, its capacity for evolving and how changes made in one part of the system may impact on others. We will expand our view of whole systems within systems, take multiple perspectives, appreciate interconnectedness, and recognise the idiosyncratic nature of organisations. Together we will play with our ideas as systems theorists and sociodramatists exploring and developing practical applications to particular situations that interest us.

About the Workshop Leader

Vivienne Thomson is a Sociodramatist, Trainer, Educator and Practitioner. She is a member of ANZPA and its Board of Examiners and is on the staff of the Auckland Training Centre for Psychodrama. A company director for 21 years, Vivienne works as a consultant to organisations in their quest for development and progress. She is currently involved in projects assisting organisations to build workplace partnerships between employers and unions. She lives on Waiheke Island with her husband Colin Martin pursuing particular interests including family, travel, cooking, gardening, playing the piano, photography and product development.


$385 incl. GST (includes workshop meals but not accommodation)

The Adolescent Arena: Effective Action Strategies for Working with Youth and their Social Systems

Workshop Leader

Mario Cossa (USA)


The focus of this workshop is on experiencing the therapeutic and educational systems through the eyes and hearts of the adolescent. We will celebrate youthful enthusiasm as well as aggression and angst that make working with young people both a joy and a challenge.


Through the magic of role reversal, sociodrama, and psychodrama, along with teaching, discussion and processing, participants will:

  • explore therapeutic and educational strategies that support the attainment of adolescent
  • developmental challenges along the continuum from pre-adolescence to young adulthood;
  • engage in and facilitate activities appropriate at various stages of adolescent group development;
  • understand the elements that contribute to workable levels of safety in an adolescent group; and
  • debate the importance of integrating ideas, theory and practice as a group leader.

The focus will be on experiential activity and is suitable for educators, guidance counsellors, youth group facilitators, and therapists, regardless of whether they have any experience with psychodrama.

About the Workshop Leader

Mario Cossa, MA, TEP, is a USA certified Trainer, Educator, Practitioner in Psychodrama, Registered Drama Therapist/Master Teacher, and Theatre Educator who specializes in work with adolescent groups and trauma survivors. He has offered training in the USA, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. His new book, Rebels Without a Cause: Working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques, was recently published by Jessica Kingsley Press, London.


$385 incl. GST (includes workshop meals but not accommodation)