An Executive is elected from our certificated members every two years. You can contact the President and other members of the AANZPA Executive.

Cissy Rock


Chris Hosking

Vice President

Maria Snegeriv


Simon Gurnsey

Simon Gurnsey


Simon Gurnsey is a Sociometrist and has been working for a number of years as AANZPA’s Membership Administrator and Webmaster. He is building a house in Parua Bay having retired from his work for city-making organisation Gap Filler. His dog, Mr. Brock, is on the job with him every day, mainly to fetch sticks.

eMail: treasurer@aanzpa.org

Jo Dewar

Membership Secretary

Kate Cook

Committee Member

Martin Putt

Martin Putt

Immediate Past President

Martin is a Psychodramatist and TEPiT. He works in Auckland, NZ, in private practice as a registered psychotherapist with individuals and groups, especially seeing adolescents and men. He is engaged in training and supervision at the Auckland Training Centre for Psychodrama. Martin lives in Westmere with his partner, Clare, and teenage son, Jasper and is currently enjoying a foray into suburban beekeeping.

Contact the AANZPA Executive

eMail president@aanzpa.org