AANZPA Conference 2018

The AANZPA 2018 Conference will be held at Duchesne College, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

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Conference Program

Conference Venue

Duchesne College, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
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Conference Dates

  • Conference Dates: 5:00pm Wednesday 17 January – 3:00pm Sunday 21 January 2018, which includes our AGM on Saturday, 20th January
  • Pre – Conference Workshops: Tuesday 16th January and Wednesday 17th January 2018
  • Post – Conference Workshops: Monday 22nd January and Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Pre and Post Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshop 1 : Personal Development

Workshop Leaders – Richard Hall and Annette Fisher
Tuesday, 16th January, 9am – 6pm
Wednesday, 17th January, 9am – 4pm
Cost: $495 ( AUD, inc of GST, all meals provided)

Pre-Conference Workshop 2 : The Sociodramatic Family

Workshop Leader – Sara Crane
Tuesday, 16th January, 9am – 6pm
Wednesday, 17th January, 9am – 4pm
Cost: $420 ( AUD, inc of GST, all meals provided)

Post Conference Workshop 1: Dream Again – reclaiming the stage

Workshop Leader – Martin Putt
Monday, 22nd January, 9am – 9pm
Tuesday, 23rd January, 9am – 4pm
Cost: $425 ( AUD, inc of GST, all meals provided)


Alternate accommodation

Duchesne College is located within the grounds of the University of Qld. The map reference and URL is: https://goo.gl/maps/YAi9Sxe3trF2

With so many good hotels, backpackers and Airbnb locations available, we suggest you use some of the following search engines to locate suitable accommodation if you’re not staying at the College:

Trivago – https://www.trivago.com.au/
Booking.com – https://www.booking.com/
Last minute.com – https://www.lastminute.com.au/
Airbnb – https://www.airbnb.com.au/

The Conference venue, what’s nearby and getting around Brisbane

For Duchesne college facilities, e.g. if you’re after laundry use, etc., go to the following link for information: http://www.duchesne.uq.edu.au/college-facilities

For close by places to eat or buy some supplies, we suggest Hawken village shops. Go to the following URL for how to get there from the college. It’s a 10 minute walk, but has lots of good eating places, food market, liquor stores, at reasonable prices: https://goo.gl/maps/8VsJc3b1Y8o

For the weather check the BOM website at http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/forecasts/brisbane.shtml, but expect temperatures between 22 and mid 30’s on most days. If you like walking bring clothes for the heat, hats, a water bottle, etc…. and consider walking early in the day. Even if it rains, which is likely, you’ll be warm…. It’s Brisbane after all.

For all things public transport we suggest you navigate to the TransLink Journey Planner site. This will enable you to coordinate travel via bus, train and ferry to most of Brisbane locations. You’ll find timetables, route planning and lots of tips for how to make moving around Brisbane and suburbs easier: https://jp.translink.com.au/plan-your-journey/journey-planner.

We suggest you purchase a Go card if you’re planning to use public transport. There are hundreds of locations in SE Qld where you can purchase and top up your card: https://translink.com.au/tickets-and-fares/go-card/locations

If you favour cycling, try the Brisbane City Council CityCycle scheme. Cycles are available from $ 2.00 pre day. Pick up and drop off locations are available at this site as well so you can navigate across the city: http://www.citycycle.com.au/

For what’s on in Brisbane during your stay visit the Brisbane events guide for your favourite passion and purpose: http://www.visitbrisbane.com.au/whats-on?sc_lang=en-au

Conference Policies

Refund and Cancellations Policy

Registration refunds are at the discretion of Conference Treasurer. Monies may be repaid in full for cancellation requests received on or before 8th January 2018. After this date refunds will be paid net of any actual expenses incurred by AANZPA.
For accommodation refunds, if staying at Duchesne, please contact Jo Jager at j.jager@duchesne.uq.edu.au for information on their cancellation policy

All registrations will be processed when payment is received.

For specific payment and refund concerns email: conftreasurer@aanzpa.org

Disability Policy

In the service of inclusion of all members of AANZPA, we accommodate those with a disability at our annual gatherings, as far as possible in communication with those affected. We anticipate that there will be some limitations in meeting all needs. We undertake to not reduce people with a disability to their specific needs or unnecessarily draw attention to their disability, rather we aspire to relate as one human being with another.


In our conference processes, we aim to strengthen sociometry to enhance the possibility of an encounter between people. We aim to stay spontaneous in the face of exhaustion and role fatigue. There is mutual responsibility whereby the expansion of roles and role-reversal is encouraged by all parties.

A Disability Liaison Person/s (DLP) is/are appointed by the Executive for the long term. To maximize full participation of all attendees the conference committee will designate one of their members to work on these matters with their own committee, the venues, with the DLP, with the conference information re the limits of venues. For the 2018 conference, either prior to attending or onsite, please contact Neil Simmons (+61 416 032 057 or email: nfsimmo@gmail.com ) who will liaise with you as needed.

The DLP will keep in touch with the range of people with disabilities and liaise with the conference committee member responsible for implementing this policy. The conference committee member – Neil Simmons, will ensure limitations of access etc. of the venue are communicated in the conference publicity and will liaise with the venues used by the conference anticipating and progressing negotiations on conference attendees’ behalf.

This policy and guidelines are to be a standing AGM agenda item every Olympic year ( 4 years).

Contact Information


Christo Patty, Convenor, Ph: +61 418 726 487
Diz Synnot, Assistant Convenor, Ph: +61 411 876 969


  • General Inquires: conference@aanzpa.org
  • Bernadette Rutyna. Registration Information: confregistrar@aanzpa.org
  • Andrea Hannah. Conference Treasurer: conftreasurer@aanzpa.org
  • Peter Howie. Programme Committee: confprogramme@aanzpa.org