Journal 10 December 2001

Interventions with Kerry, a Twelve Year Old Student

Abstract: A Senior Team Leader from the Primary division of the Correspondence School presents a case study on Kelly and his behavior. His behavioral pattern helped her to understand the relationship systems and helped her to establish a relationship with him.

Building a Relationship with Alice, an Autistic Child

Abstract: This article presents a few significant moments in the author's work with Alice, an autistic child, that helped them make a connection and start building what is now a very strong positive relationship.

Supervision of Psychodrama Trainees

Abstract: Report presented describes the purpose and focus of supervision and discuss its relationship to training. It presents observations about the significance of boundaries in supervision by illustrating a case of an individual supervision session.

Using Role Theory in Clinical Supervision

Abstract: Report presented discusses the use of role theory in clinical supervision. The report expands the vision of practitioners and senior trainees of the psychodramatic method and discusses the use of role theory as a means of deepening the experience of the supervise with respect to the systemic nature of life and relationships.

Generating a Somatic Perspective in the Psychodramatic Enactment

Abstract: Report presented discuss the generation of somatic perspective in psychodramatic enactment. It states that generating a somatic perspective means the application of a body-focused approach within the wider theoretical framework of the psychodramatic method.

Should We Tell the Truth?

Abstract: This article examines the social pressures on individuals to normalise and confess and explores implications for group leaders.

Two Stories of Training in Vietnam

Abstract: Two psychodramatists share their experience of the role training workshops they conducted in the north of Vietnam.

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