Journal 12 December 2003

Journal 12 December 2003

Journal 12 December 2003 - Entire Journal

Mobilising the Believer in the Creative Genius

Abstract: Discusses the role of creative genius and the impact that it has on social and cultural atom development. A case study is used to show that without the role of the believer in the creative genius, a person is incapable of sustaining intimacy in a relationship at any level.

Warming Up To Spontaneity and Creativity: Developing the School Leader

Abstract: Discusses the key findings of a workshop conducted with 25 educators to help develop their spontaneity and creativity and extend their leadership capacity.

Spontaneity With Children: Applications of Psychodrama that Enable Children to Express their Creativity

Abstract: Discusses the role of play therapy and psychodrama and how it helps children to express their creativity. The applications of the principles of psychodrama to help increase the spontaneity and creativity of children is highlighted.

Supervision and the Reduction of Anxiety

Abstract: Discusses the proper procedure to be followed for an effective supervisory session and the role that anxiety and lack of spontaneity play in negatively impacting it. Spontaneity is a key ingredient in effective supervision and also that warm-up is a critical aspect for the supervisor.

The Internal Consultant: The Sociometrist Working with Transitions

Abstract: Discusses the links and relationship between sociometry and the transition process. It is indicative of how the internal consultant makes positive interventions in transitions and within an organization.

Grappling with a Ghost From The Past

Abstract: Describes the roles and sub-groups operating in a social system and explores the implications for intervention.

Psychodrama Roles: Creating a New Culture

Abstract: Discusses a psychodrama wherein the main protagonist grapples with her own version of a cultural catastrophe. The different conflicts that emerge within a protagonist on the discovery of an act hunger are highlighted.

A Literature Review of the Integration of Psychodramatic Principles and Practices in Education

Abstract: Reviews the literature available on applying Moreno's work to schools and classrooms and how it can improve learning and educational outcomes. This literature review has helped highlight and describe the large body of Morenian work in the education sector.

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