Journal 14 December 2005

Journal 14 December 2005

Journal 14 December 2005 - Entire Journal

Awakening Creativity With Brief Enactment

Abstract: A psychodramatist and teacher from Wellington presents her thinking about the value of brief enactment in counseling, psychotherapy and teaching. She feels that short dramatic enactment opens up the possibility of spontaneous, artistic exploration and enables personal change.

Greenfoods Organic Enterprise and The Ethics of Selling Alcohol

Abstract: Greenfoods Organic Enterprise (GOE) was established to ensure an ongoing supply and variety of good quality organic food for the local market and to promote the benefits of an organic food supply to the general public. The enterprise follows the closed system which defines the roles of the members and makes the members focus on the common purpose for which the system exists.

Effie Best Life of a Sociodramatist

Abstract: Interview with sociodramatist Effie Best discussing her life and work.

The Humble Continuum Revalued

Abstract: A counsellor who works for the Oasis Center for Problem Gambling and Relationship Services in Wellington, New Zealand, presents a report on the application of the continuum in her clinical practice. She presents descriptions of sessions, general clinical observations and discusses some of the impacts of its use.

Sociodrama with Juvenile Offenders

Abstract: This article focuses on the lead up to and the enactment of a sociodrama with juvenile offenders who have committed serious crimes. It highlights the need for flexibility in managing the group warm up, finding the appropriate structure and recognizing the underlying theme of the group. One clear conclusion is that keeping the sociodramatic question in mind is an effective way of grounding the learning for the participants.

Jumping The Berlin Wall: Social And Cultural Atom Repair With An Individual Adult

Abstract: A family psychotherapist presents a paper on his work with Brian, a client seeking to develop adequate functioning in familial relationships. He observed that in the first three therapy sessions Brian developed a new progressive func

The Practical Science of Sociatry: A Progressive Path

Abstract: Sociatry is a way to systemic social unity and the stability of valued socio-diversity where as psychodrama role theory uses integrated systemic theory of role. Both of them are practical sciences, out of which practical, developmental and socially unifying ethic makes the latter a progressive cultural path of best practice.

Spontaneity Made Explicit

Abstract: Discusses spontaneity from different perspectives and concludes that spontaneity cannot be seen directly however its effects can be seen.

Resistance - A Thrust Towards Autonomy: A Case Study of Radix Body-Oriented Therapy seen from a Psychodrama Perspective

Abstract: Presents a case study describing work with a client from Radix and psychodrama perspective. Radix practices were brought together with psychodramatic thinking to heal the client's emotional and physical problems.

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