Journal 3 December 1994

Journal 3 December 1994

Journal 3 December 1994 - Entire Journal

Sociometry and Psychodrama with Teenagers: Improving the Quality of Their Lives

Abstract: A counsellor's attempt to improve the quality of the lives of teenagers at risk of drug and alcohol abuse in a Dunedin community setting is discussed. The methods used, based on Jacob Moreno's principles on self-realisation, to make them understand their place on a sociometry scale and enable them to connect by sharing their experiences are described.

Working with Maori and Pacific islands Clients in Aotearoa/ New Zealand: Considerations for the Pakeha Psychodramatist John Faisandier

Abstract: The specific and different cultural elements that a Pakeha psychodrama director should understand and include when working with Maori and Pacific Island clients in Aotearoa/New Zealand are discussed. Experiences of and the models used in the enactment of psychodrama in this context are presented

Psychodrama with the Deaf/ Hearing Impaired

Abstract: Letters exchanged between psychodramatists Mary Kenny (Qld.) and Richard Hall (Vic.) are presented. They discuss the best ways in which to enact psychodrama with the deaf/hearing impaired, their potential, challenges and their wish to overcome isolation by communicating through signs.

Towards a Definition of Spontaneity

Abstract: The author discusses his attempt to present an appropriate definition of spontaneity which captures its essence from the perspective of psychodrama. He defines spontaneity as a readiness to provide a free and vital response to the emerging moment.

When Two Worlds Collide: An Account of a Student's Experience in Bringing Together Psychodrama Theory and Literary Criticism

Abstract: The author describes her experiences of applying the theory and principles of psychodrama to literary criticism. She provides examples of her critical writings on several issues in literary works, including 'Paradise Lost' and the works of Henry Lawson, that enabled her to approach them in a novel manner.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Writer: Isolation in the T.E.P.-in-Training Process

bstract: A Trainer, Educator and Practitioner-in-training (T.E.P.I.T.) discusses the lack of interaction and supervision among T.E.P.s while developing and writing courses for psychodrama. This isolation might adversely affect their creativity in written content amidst administrative and supervision work.

Research on Psychodrama

Abstract: The author discusses the comprehensive manner in which "Selected Abstracts of Outcome Research and Evaluation in the Action Methods", published in 1984 by Thomas Schramski and Clyde Feldman presents conclusions from evaluative research on psychodrama. The research results highlight the important impact of role playing, sociometry and sociodrama in psychodrama on therapy.

Dr J. L. Moreno - Marriage Therapist

Abstract: A compilation of the writings of Dr. J.L. Moreno on his experiences of marital or couple therapy through psychodrama is presented. The methods and techniques of psychodrama that Moreno used in his work as a 'marriage therapist' are described.

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