Journal 5 December 1996

Journal 5 December 1996

Journal 5 December 1996 - Entire Journal

Mainstream Moreno: Teaching Teachers to use Action Methods

Abstract: This article describes how a course on Advanced Action Methods for Teaching Professionals was designed, approved and taught for the staff development unit of the Christchurch Polytechnic as part of their Certificate of Adult Teaching (CAT) programme. This course is one module in a series of courses that make up the Diploma of Adult Teaching, a nationally recognised qualification for tertiary level tutors.

New Directions in Medical Education: Integrating action methods into a new curriculum

Abstract: In 1996 the Department of General Practice in the Medical School at Flinders University changed over from a six year undergraduate course to a four year graduate-entry course, and from an integrated but fairly conventional curriculum, to a problem-based learning curriculum. This article discusses the new course and the plans to incorporate action methods into the curriculum.

The Grandmother in the Development of Psychodramatic Roles in Grandchildren

Abstract: This paper was written to demonstrate that the roles of the grandmother can be active and creative. By following the principles of role theory and spontaneity the old rigid conserves of family structure and function can be freed to encourage creative and joyful relationships. With imagination, commitment and love, a valuable contribution can be made to child development.

The Vietnam Veteran and the Family "Both Victims of Post Traumatic Stress"

Abstract: A specialist in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder shares his experiences in counseling Vietnam veterans and their families by discussing the infiltration of post traumatic stress (PTSD) in their family's lives. The way in which psychodrama can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of post traumatic stress is demonstrated highlighting the role analysis, role training, role development and role theory.

Letter to the Self: A Technique to Assist Role Assessment and Intensify Level of Warm Up in One-to-one Counselling

Abstract: A clinical psychologist analysis a patient who is a professional photographer by making him write a letter to self. A brief analysis of this letter is made and the benefits of such a letter in one- to- one sitting is discussed.

Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Psychodramatist

Abstract: Discusses the dissociative identity disorder with respect to its nature, aetiology and diagnostic criteria. A psychodramatic approach to the management of dissociative identity disorder is explored and a description in terms of role theory and systems theory with some clinical examples is provided.
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