Journal 6 December 1997

Journal 6 December 1997

Journal 6 December 1997 - Entire Journal

The Contribution of Psychodrama to the Understanding and Treatment of Asthma

Abstract: The role that psychodrama plays in understanding and treatment of asthma is discussed, based on medical knowledge and clinical experience. Two personal boundaries which are maintained by the roles of the anxious negotiator, the threatened self defender, the fascinated attractor and the welcoming lover are proposed.

The Place of Psychodrama in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Abstract: Psychodrama is a unique way of entering into the patient's existence, and helping to focus on the important relationships, explore and change them. Psychodrama is used in alcoholism by getting the patient to use a method which helps in defining in a practical and creative way the present relationships, the way the relationship is wanted in the future, and has been shaped in the past.

Sobriety Shop: Structured Role Plays in a Residential Treatment Centre for Alcohol and Drug Dependency

Abstract: Psychodrama provides a way of breaking through isolation, increasing self understanding and self respect, and increasing spontaneity to develop creative new solutions to life problems. It is a useful method for work with addictive clients, as it helps to begin acting in new ways and to evaluate the immediate impact such ways of acting have on their lives and on the lives of others.

Psychodrama as a Living Process

Abstract: Two pieces of work with the same protagonist whose theme is working with isolation, is presented. The first one is enacted in a training workshop and the second one takes place in an open seminar on psychodrama, and these enactments reveal the living process.

Delightful Moments for the Toiling Psychodramatist

Abstract: The training group that represents an effort to recapture moments by shuffling the roles of director and protagonist is presented. A focus on the interview and an intervention by the trainer are also provided.

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