Encountering All of Humanity

Ann E. Hale

Workshop Description

We’ll explore the system of values we seek to “overcome and abandon” and those values we “aspire to bring to fulfilment” (Who Shall Survive? J.L. Moreno,  p. 115). Bring with you a news story that effects you in a deep way. We will work sociometrically with one or more of these stories, investigate and enact the dynamics and search for what interferes with workable solutions. We’ll use sociodrama, playback, and any other action method that occurs to us.

The Director

AnnEHaleAnn E. Hale met Moreno when she was 28 years old. She studied at the Moreno Institute in Beacon, NY with J.L. and Zerka and edited the student’s edition of Who Shall Survive? with Moreno prior to his death in 1974 . Ann was a Beacon at the same time as Max Clayton.

Ann was certified as TEP in 1975 in the US. She is a past-President of ASGPP, and the Federation of Trainers and Training Programs in Psychodrama. She spent fifteen months as Director-in-residence before establishing a training center in Toronto, Canada. She was awarded the J.L. Moreno Lifetime Achievement Award. She is the author of three books focused on sociometry. Now, at 71, she offers training on sociometry and healing, writes, and has for twelve years been a member of a fine art gallery with six rotating exhibitions a year. Her next book will be reproductions of her drawings and paintings. This is her eleventh visit to an AANZPA meeting since 1978. She resides in Roanoke, Virginia. See more on www.sociometry.net




Numbers: Up to 24 participants