The Moment Of Encounter

Rob Brodie

Conferences stimulate a wealth of experiences. Many moments from the conference continue to live in our experience, as memories, preoccupations and feelings. This workshop will provide a setting in which to freely express and further these warm-ups, creatively building our lives and our relationships.

Jacob Moreno writes:

… through a spontaneous-creative process the formal category of the present attains dynamic meaning, when it turns into a moment.”  Theatre of Spontaneity p. 134

“If a person lives alone, the procession of sensations, feelings, and thoughts of a private, personal world can take place as in a dream without resistance. But when two persons live together and meet one another daily, then the true dramatic situation begins, giving joy or suffering. It is this situation which produces the conflict. It turns the lonely inhabitants of the house into a community.” Psychodrama Vol. 1 p. 27

His concept of the moment is of a dynamic free creative action integrating the conserve and spontaneity. It appears to include Dorothy Stock Whitaker’s ‘disturbing motive’. Encounter naturally arises as spontaneous individuals act and interact with one another.

In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the conference and bring alive their warm-ups in the moment and explore them in action. They may emerge as interactions with others in the life of this group. Future projections can be brought alive on the stage as creative impulses and fears become more overt and plans more clear, assisting you to implement them in life back home. Exposition and coaching of Morenian concepts and techniques will be integrated when pertinent.

The Director

Robert Brodie  has studied JL Moreno since 1972. Now a TEP he has held many positions in AANZPA over the years and is a Distinguished Member. He has applied the method in many settings, in community clinics and psych hospitals, schools, businesses, in ANZPA accredited training institutes, in Japan and Singapore and in private practice as individual and couple counselling, psychotherapy and clinical supervision. He is a director of Psychodrama Australia. Currently in private practice as therapist, counsellor and supervisor, he is also conducting group work training at Australian Catholic University for Masters of Counselling students. Since 2010 he has lived in ongoing encounter, with Narelle McKenzie, in Melbourne, Australia.

Session times

  • 26th January 9:30am – 9:30pm
  • 27th January 9:30am – 4:00pm

Fee: $NZD420.00

Numbers: Up to 20 participants