Conference 2019 Expressions of Interest

About the Programme

The conference this year is highlighting the potency that the psychodrama method brings to our work and our communities. This potency may be revealed in the application of the method in our particular spheres of influence, or in our capacity for spontaneity as we integrate psychodrama into the way we are in the world.

Pre-conference and post-conference workshops relate to some of the major themes of our current times: exploring gender, sexuality and psychosexual development; our presence and place in a changing world; attending to fragmenting roles so that the progressive might emerge; and a workshop for certificated practitioners aimed at further building their capacity to take their work out into the world.

We invite you to warm up to your potency in your work and in social and community groups and to offer a session for the conference.

Conference sessions might be for 3 hours, 1.5 hours, or short presentations where two or three papers are brought together around common themes. There is also an opportunity for a few full-day workshops.

As a guide, the types of proposal you might consider include (and are not limited to):

  • A professional development session where you focus on an aspect of your use of psychodrama, sociometry, sociodrama, role training or group work;
  • An experimental topic, where you work with colleagues to present and extend an emerging idea or process;
  • An experiential workshop; e.g. a psychodrama, sociodrama, or role training session, themed around an area you have been working with;
  • Short papers followed by discussion i.e. where you present your reflections and conclusions around a particular topic, or report on your thesis or other research; two or three of these might be incorporated into one conference session; and
  • Sessions where AANZPA sub-groups meet to address a particular area of the life of the association; e.g. AANZPA regional groups working sociometrically to advance the work of the regions.

Please have your proposals to the program committee by the 1st October 2018. This will assist us to develop an overall program that is relevant and enlivening. We will respond to all proposals by mid-October, and plan to publish the final program in mid-November.

Submissions can on the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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