Ethics Committee Report for the year from January 2021 to January 2022

1. Membership

The current Ethics Committee includes Hamish Brown (Chair), Richard Mills (Secretary), Judy Sutherland, Hilde Knottenbelt, Richard Moss, Chris Hill. This year I wish to let you know that I am stepping down from this committee and Viv Thomson will replace me as chair.

This year we met on zoom for the second year running for our annual meeting. We have developed a process of meeting twice each year once in July and once in November as it is likely we will need to continue to meet on zoom for a while yet.

2. Complaints

We received no complaints that met the threshold of being actionable this year.

3. The Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure

 There were minor changes to the code that were made in the last year, these had been approved in earlier years but not incorporated into the official documents, some were grammatical only.

4. Mutuality, Role Reversal and Feelings of Complaint

Our work frequently takes us into areas in which feelings are both disturbed and disturbing. Sometimes these feelings lead us to a sense that there is something that needs to be addressed. As members and companions to each other and sometimes in formal roles such as supervisor we recognise two important steps that are essential as we navigate disturbances:

  1. We raise issues and concerns directly with each other and we encourage clients to raise issues directly with the person concerned.
  2. We ask and offer to assist as a third party to enable resolution or we encourage the person to address the concern directly with the assistance of someone they trust.

These steps recognise the subjectivity of each person’s experience and the work necessary to develop a collaborative culture in which encounter, visibility, and depth of relationship are norms.

Hamish Brown
AANZPA Ethics Committee