AANZPA Annual General Meeting 2023: Executive Election

Executive Committee Member Statements

Jean Mehrtens

(Psychodramatist, Victoria) nom. Kate Cooke

Jean Mehrtens: I am standing for AANZPA Exec to give back to this organisation which has enriched my life since I first encountered psychodrama.  I bring my capacities to focus up close at the same time as looking ahead and around, to take systems perspectives, and to role reverse mostly.  I continue to be amazed at the power of the psychodrama method, and I know that we are going to need all the creativity and spontaneity we can nurture for the future of our home, this little Blue Dot, Earth.

Jo Dewar 

(Psychodramatist, NSW-ACT) nom. Patricia O’Rourke

Jo Dewar: If I am elected I come with humility to the position. Psychodrama has taught me how to be in the world and to respect others and our differences. I feel life has sent me a lot of physical and emotional challenges, but having the psychodramatic method stimulating me on my journey I met the challenges head-on with a combination of my ongoing work, my role development, the connections I have made and to top it all off a pinch of spontaneity.
I have to say, I never imagined being nominated for a position on the executive committee, but here I am warts and all. I am not sure if I am the best person, but if elected I will accept with grace and work together to bring forward spontaneity, and creativity, and I will keep seeking out that crack in the wall that allows the light in. 

Kate Cooke

(Psychodramatist, Victoria) nom. Jean Mehrtens

Kate Cooke: I love working w people who are willing to be purposeful and focused on the job but also are able to enjoy one another, encounter one another and build a productive and lively team. Another big reason is to bring my creativity and work to shape our organisation into one that is contemporary, relevant and fit for purpose in this century with the climate crisis, gross disparity across race, ethnicity, gender sexuality, health and disability, and a global economic stasis obstructing creative solutions for the generations ahead. I hold my granddaughters and your grandchildren and grandchildren all over the world in mind when I say this as they are inheritors of the future of this world.

Neil Hucker 

(Psychodramatist, Victoria) nom. John Barton

Neil Hucker: