AANZPA Project Fund

Application process

The amount of the fund is set year by year by the AANZPA Executive and will be allocated by 30 June of the current year.

  • The submission closing date for all applications is 29th March.
  • The committee will make its decisions by 30th May.
  • Successful candidates will be notified after this date and the funds will be dispersed by 30th June.

The AANZPA Project Funding Committee

The AANZPA Project Fund Committee which was formed by the Executive at the January conference 2017 in Auckland and confirmed at the AGM has now allocated funds from its first year of operation. The purpose of the committee is to allocate an annual fund determined by the executive each year, to individuals, groups and Training Institutes for projects and research that will benefit the AANZPA organization. The members of this sub-committee are Kate Cooke, Neil Hucker and Chris Hill. This year we have amended the criteria and the application based on our experience last year.


That members of AANZPA will be motivated to create and carry through projects that contribute to and further the strategic priorities of AANZPA. In appreciation of the volunteered effort involved and costs that may be involved certain projects will be assessed as benefitting substantially from financial assistance that AANZPA has available.


The mission of the Project Fund Committee is to provide whatever assistance it can, including financial assistance, allocated from a designated annual fund, to assist members who are creating projects that will progress the seven priorities for action outlined in the AANZPA Draft Strategic Plan. These priorities are detailed in the AANZPA Project Fund Application and will be used as guiding principles in the allocation of funding.

Initial tasks

The initial task of this committee is to create and enunciate the criteria by which projects will be assessed, applications made and the allocation of funds made available.

Applicant eligibility

AANZPA members, as individuals or groups, and Training Institutes are eligible to apply to the fund.

What the funding will cover

The fund can contribute to service hire, documentation materials, publication costs, assessment tools e.g. purchasing questionnaires, material goods and any unspecified costs that will further the seven priorities. AANZPA may retain ownership of some materials.

The Project Funding Committee has the discretionary power to fund beyond the items listed above if particular circumstances apply which are specific to the worth of the whole application. In such a case, the Project Funding Committee will justify this extraneous expenditure in its report to the Board at the end of the financial year.


A report will be required on the project progress at six months or before if completed. After six months, as negotiated with the committee, reports will be received on agreed dates. Receipts will be required.