Appointment of a Proxy, AGM 2022

The AANZPA Constitution


(a) A Member may appoint a proxy in accordance with this rule to attend and vote on behalf of that Member at any General Meetings of Members.

(b) A Member may only appoint another Member as his proxy.

(c) A Member may be appointed to be the proxy of and may exercise the vote of any Member or Members in addition to exercising his own vote.

(d) A Member may only appoint a proxy by a written appointment, signed by the Member or by an attorney for the Member.

(e) An appointment of a proxy shall be substantially in the following form (or in any other form the Executive Committee may from time to time, or in a particular case, determine).

(f) An appointment of a proxy shall be deemed to confer the authority to join in demanding a poll and the right to speak at the meeting in respect of which it is given.

(g) A proxy may not be exercised unless the written appointment has been lodged with the Executive Committee at least three hours before the meeting in respect of which it is given is due to commence.
(h) A proxy appointment may be revoked by written notice to the Executive Committee not less than one hour prior to the commencement of the meeting concerned.

Whether you send you proxy via this form or by email, Proxy nominations should reach the AANZPA Secretary at by Friday 21 January 2022.