Martin Putt – AANZPA President – 17 January 2022

Firstly, I acknowledge the ancestors and traditional owners of the countries of Australia who never ceded sovereignty.

E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e rau rangatira ma
Nau mai, haere mai, piki mai
Tēnā koutou tēnā koutou tēnā tatou katoa
Kia ora hui hui tatou katoa.

Prestigious people, important speakers, chiefs one and all
Welcome to you roll up, roll up.
And to everyone gathered here today


Each year the President makes a report to the AANZPA AGM. This is to keep you the members abreast of what’s happening in AANZPA, the work the Executive has undertaken over the year on behalf of members and to note some of the areas we see emerging for your consideration and the development of AANZPA.

2021 has been another challenging year in both our countries as we grappled with a new wave of this worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and now the third wave. You are likely exhausted. Dealing with not knowing what’s happening, and with all the changes over the last two years, has been an onslaught to us all. In AANZPA, this has significantly affected our ability to meet as an association and to be with the peers and colleagues we hunger to be with. I have no doubt you are hankering to get together and to eat, sing, dance, play, swim, encounter each other, learn from each other and simply hang out together. Like we used to. Every January. It’s terrible to be separated. We can’t take anything for granted anymore – interstate or international travel, contracts for work, visiting family and friends, making plans for the near and distant futures. Meetings on Zoom just aren’t the same. Not being together in the flesh and blood is frustrating and challenging and for most of us, our work has changed significantly.

Much of your work with individuals in therapy, in leadership and community development, in coaching and supervision; or in similarly purposed work with teams, groups and communities; has had to go online or has taken a significant dive throughout lockdowns. Maybe much of your work is international. Maybe you just simply can’t run the groups you have been running. In both countries, we are dealing with vaccine mandates and the politics of vaccination and community protection which have called on our ability and willingness to really role reverse and to live in line with our values and beliefs. For some of you, this may have meant the loss of livelihoods and careers, and for most all I suspect, downturns in income and opportunities and possibly disturbances with family, friends and groups we are a part of. This requires great spontaneity and creativity as we traverse questions with what or to whom do we belong, and what is ahead for me, or us. Training courses conducted in campuses and institutes by Psychodrama Australia and FTINZ have all been affected. Regional psychodrama open evenings and theatre of spontaneity events have all been affected. Meeting together in committees and groups have been affected.

Imagine for a moment being the Auckland conference committee dealing with the rollout of Covid as we determine to land an in-person conference! I would like to acknowledge and thank the Northern Region Conference Committee, Pip van Kuilenburg and Cushla Clark as convenors, and Faith Moon, Eric Park, Cissy Rock and Vivienne Thomson who have kept the fires burning and held their warmup to create an Auckland Conference for us despite the ongoing uncertainty and creative determination of the virus.

For the Executive, we have found we can think much more clearly about AANZPA when we are together in person and can manage difference, divergence, and conflict easier and expand our sociometry in fresh and reparative ways when we are in the room together for a longer time. I am sure this is much the same for you. I gain from reading the regional reports of each president that despite all of this, there is resilience and determination in regions to meet, even if on Zoom for a quiz night or an educational presentation, and to continue to create events for members and the public alike. Perhaps the requirement to be more locally focussed is a stimulus for something new to keep developing in the regions.

If we can welcome visitors to Aotearoa’s shores in July this year without the need for quarantine or managed isolation we will. If we cannot, then a decision will be taken as to whether to cancel, postpone till January 2023 or to go ahead in July in a shortened format with only New Zealand folk present. We simply don’t know and can’t make decisions about that now. We watch and wait and propel ourselves to act adequately in response to this new situation.

This is hard work standing in the unknowing and I want to acknowledge the suffering you bear and the fortitude or flexibility you discover. That which is seen and known, and that which is not. Much is unseen and unknown to others.

In 2021, several tōtara (people of significance) have fallen in the forest of our association. Distinguished Members, Dr Robert Crawford and Rev. Tom Wilson passed away, as did our beloved Annie Currie. Ann Hale died in the USA and many of us benefited from her attendance at conferences and opportunities to work with her. They all will be sorely missed, and I honour their extensive contributions to AANZPA and for touching our lives. I am pleased we were able to make time at our most recent in-person conference to honour the awarding of the Member of the NZ Order of Merit to Robert Crawford.

I want to acknowledge all those friends, colleagues and family in your social atoms who have passed or fallen ill this year, people you may have lovingly tended to this year, and those whom you have said goodbye to. Aroha mai, aroha atu – love to you and return.

And from Oscar Wilde in Panthea, 1881

We are resolved into the supreme air,
We are made one with what we touch and see,
With our heart’s blood each crimson sun is fair,
With our young lives each spring-impassioned tree
Flames into green, the wildest beasts that range
The moor our kinsmen are,
all life is one,
and all is change.

The Executive

The Executive this year has been the smallest in number for a long time and at times this year, we felt we needed a bigger team. There are 6 of us instead of the usual 8. In 2021 we farewelled Rosemary Nourse, Helen Kearins, Ali Watersong each after four years’ service to the Exec, and too, Claire Guy, after eight years as an Executive member.

We welcomed Simon Gurnsey as the new AANZPA Treasurer. Simon has had a significant first year and worked diligently throughout the year in a range of areas, not just with our accounts, audits and legal financial reporting requirements. Thank you, Simon. It’s good to have you with us. Our ever-reliable worker bee, Selina Reid has been busy as the Membership Secretary crossing t’s and dotting i’s and ensuring there is good communication with members, with regional presidents, and keeping on track with a range of detailed Executive projects we have undertaken. Thank you, Selina. Helen Phelan has been a close companion to me as Vice President, she has a light touch and deft hand in keeping my eyes keen on a bigger picture and widening my sociometric sensitivity. The relationship we have created over seven years on the Executive together is sustaining to us both, extending beyond just working on AANZPA work together. Patricia O’Rourke has been a caring and forthright colleague. She has a great bullshit detector and a wide systemic view and has sent me encouraging emails when she notices my overwork or overwhelm. Getting to know others in AANZPA in deeper ways and working together on things that matter to us is the real reward of contributing to AANZPA through being on the Executive or other AANZPA committees, including in the regions. Having the irrepressible past president Elizabeth Synnot alongside me on the Executive as the Secretary has been a tremendous support to me. She is always available at the end of the phone and from the beginning, determined to step back as the outgoing president to have me find my wings. Working with each of you has been a privilege and I applaud you all, your willingness to display yourselves, encounter each other and dedicate your time with such heart to this association. This has made a challenging year fun. Thank you.


I mention this about the Executive specifically because we are a year out from our next AGM in January 2023 when elections for the next AANZPA Executive Committee will be held.

Several of us who have had many years on the Executive will be stepping back in 2023 and we are busy considering succession and who amongst the ordinary and distinguished members might be ready, willing and able to keep the fires of governance alive. For Diz and me that will be 10 years each including four years each as President and for Helen, 8 years and Patricia, 6 years.

The initial term is for two years, most do four, and still others many more than this. The personal rewards are primarily sociometric yet, also, there is significant role development.

David Whyte in Crossing the Unknown Sea says “To seek out beauty in our work is to make a pilgrimage of our labors, to understand that the consummation of work lies not only in what we have done, but who we have become while accomplishing the task.” Relationships of love, care and collegiality have developed and much hilarity had, and we become more of who we are as a result of working together on behalf of AANZPA. The extra responsibilities or time involved might feel like the extra little bit that “sinks the boat” in our busy lives, as in Pamela Allen’s lovely children’s story “Who Sank The Boat”, yet it might also be that AANZPA is “holding its breath waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill”! Relationships of love, care and collegiality develop, and we become more of who we are as a result of working together on behalf of AANZPA. I don’t think I could have ever imagined myself as a trainer one day without the experience of being on the Executive.

I encourage you to consider if it is work you are ready, willing and able to get involved in; or alternatively, to encourage others you think might be, to come forward. AANZPA cannot function well on the work of a few, and AANZPA doesn’t run itself. Not only do we all want AANZPA to thrive, we also have a responsibility, maybe even a duty, to be auxiliaries to this. Many of AANZPA’s current trainers and practitioners have taken up positions on AANZPA’s Executive over the past 40 years with many members having served on both regional committees and AANZPA’s Executive, the Ethics Committee, and/or the Board of Examiners; or they continue to be directors of training institutes and focus their efforts on providing ongoing training and supervision to associate members and other trainees. It’s not going to be sustainable to rely on those leaders to continue providing this leadership function. For the next generation of AANZPA leadership, the time is well and truly now.

Nominations for the 2023-2025 Executive will close this year in October 2022. Any of the current Executive members will be happy to take a call or respond to any FAQs about the work of the executive.

Resignations & New Appointments

I am pleased to announce that the Executive has appointed Cher Williscroft to the Board of Examiners in 2021. Congratulations Cher. Congratulations too, to Chris Hill who was appointed to the Ethics Committee this year.

Hamish Brown has been with the Ethics Committee since 2013 and its Chair since 2014. Hamish has let me know that he will be resigning from the Ethics Committee after the 2022 AGM. During his time on the committee, he has also chaired the Psychotherapy Board of Aotearoa New Zealand PBANZ. Sara, Diz and I as presidents have all enjoyed working with you and we have all developed solid relationships with you as a result. Thank you for your steady and responsive leadership of the Ethics Committee. Richard Mills on behalf of the Ethics Committee has been in touch with me to acknowledge Hamish noting how he readily and generously agreed to the Committee’s wish for him to take on the role of Chair of the Committee in 2014 following the resignation of Sandra Turner. They write,

Hamish committed himself to the role and brought a remarkable range of abilities to the work of the Committee, including the roles of careful listener, systems thinker, resolver of potential impasses and systems intervener.

As Chair, he encouraged all of the Members to contribute their different skills and opinions to the resolution of the issues that came before the Committee. He was thoughtful and funny and able to think and feel his way through the issues that the Committee needed to respond to. His style of leadership was to build a consensus around the issues before the Committee. This he did through all of the years he was Chair which built confidence in Committee Members in the decisions we made. We have valued the opportunity to learn from you and your work. Thank you Hamish for all you have done for us.”

On behalf of the Ethics Committee, and as President representing the AANZPA Membership as a whole, I’d like us to recognise Hamish.

I am delighted to announce to you that Vivienne Thomson has accepted the appointment as the new Chair of the Ethics Committee.

Thank you, Cher, Chris, Viv and Hamish.

The Journal & Publications

Sara Crane has produced her second journal as Editor, and you will have all received this in good time for Christmas and summer reading. She is ably supported by an Editorial Team of Chris Hosking, Judy Sutherland and Simon Gurnsey and an even wider team of members who provide relational and editorial support to Sara and to the presenters of articles. Thank you to those who created articles for the Journal this year, Phil Carter, Jenny Hutt, Paul Baakman, Jenny Postlethwaite, Walter Logeman, Annette Fisher, Trisha Bennett, Rowan Jeffrey, David Oliphant and Judith McDonald. It is no small thing to create a journal or write an article when we are affected by irregular restrictions and increased isolation. Helen Phelan has assisted the journal mail out in Australia by personally receiving the Australian journals in one courier package from the Editor in Aotearoa and sending out each individually from Perth. Thank you, Helen.


Bronwen Pelvin in Whakatau Nelson has produced four great emailed issues of Socio in 2021. Thank you Bronwen and likewise to all who have contributed photos, poems, articles, eulogies or other reflections over the yearyears. In the face of other external forces, Socio helps to keep us connected with each other.

AANZPA Vimeo Library

Educator Jerri Bassi’s vision of “a resource for practitioners and trainers” that “creates a space for practitioners to tell unscripted stories of their experiences with psychodrama and how they have been inspired by the method” has continued to build. To date, he has made 60 recordings and the Executive is working with Jerri to tighten permissions, create easy access on the AANZPA website and catalogue contributions which we hope will further this project Jerri has initiated and beavered away quietly in the background developing. Thank you, Jerri.

Treasury and Finances

In 2021 we have been playing catch up with some aspects to do with our accounts and reporting requirements as a Not for Profit. We have had some delays in getting our accounts audited by our auditors as our Constitution requires and thus presented to you the members in good time at the past few AGMs. What has been presented each year over the past three years has been an accurate, if un-audited, financial record of how AANZPA funds have been managed by the Executive. I can assure you these accounts are all audited, and the auditor has given us a clean bill of health with our accounts representing a “true and fair view” of AANZPA’s financial activities and financial position.

The delay in having audited financials created a situation for the Association where we were not adequately able to provide an annual report and confirm to corporate bodies in Australia and Aotearoa in a timely manner that we were conducting ourselves in good standing with our charitable and not-for-profit status. This resulted in our charitable status being rescinded in 2019 in Aotearoa. This was reinstated painlessly upon application in April 2021. Please accept my apology for not reporting this to you at last year’s AGM.

I can assure you now that our finances are all audited and all our required reporting to these regulatory bodies in Australia and Aotearoa has now been made and we are up to date and on track with the auditing of accounts. Our 2019 and 2020 accounts have been audited  and the 2021 have not yet been audited. The financial accounts for the year June 30 2021 are being presented and we ask you to accept these subject to audit approval. Systems are now in place to prevent a re-occurrence of this situation.

The Executive is considering the current constitutional requirements to have all financial accounts audited every year. This is beyond the requirements of the regulatory bodies in both Australia and Aotearoa and we consider this is beyond what is required for us to be financially prudent as the governing body of AANZPA Inc. We will let you know in due course if we wish to promote a constitutional change regarding this at the 2023 AGM.

The Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report is available to be read both before and after the AGM in written form on the website. I’d especially like to thank Simon Gurnsey for his detailed and dedicated work with the auditors, swabbing the decks and steadying the tiller on our financial obligations.


I’d like to thank Selina Reid who has been a detailed Membership Secretary and managed several complex issues with clarity, consultation and commitment. She has worked closely with Lynne Havenaar, our paid Membership Administrator. Lynne continues the process of grasping AANZPA’s membership and administration processes. In line with succession planning and administrative continuity and clarity, Lynne is creating a User’s Manual for AANZPA’s various membership processes. Thank you, Lynne.

Selina will present the Membership Secretary’s report to the AGM and her written report is available to review online. It includes many of the changes and tweaks we will be making. Some of these have been communicated to you already and last year we notified the AGM that we would be reviewing the late and non-payment of fees.

We have let you know via AANZPA Inform that we propose reducing the period available to pay your annual AANZPA subscription from the currently constitutionally ordained 12 months after the due date of the invoice to 2 months after the due date of the invoice. For those not paid within that 3-month time frame, or who have not set up with AANZPA an agreed, time-based payment arrangement, their membership will lapse.

In line with this we are presenting the following motion:

“That the 4.11 Cessation of Membership section in the constitution be adapted to read 

A member shall cease to be a member;

(e) (unless the Executive Committee at any time, in a particular case, otherwise determines), upon the expiry of the two months after the last membership subscription fee became due, subject to having had forwarded to the member’s last known contact details, a request for payment for that subscription.”

Additionally, for those who either take longer than one month to pay this fee after it has been invoiced or take longer than one month to seek a time-based payment arrangement there is a $50 admin or late fee loaded to the membership fees. The days of Executive volunteers chasing members by phone, text, email etc to simply ask for timely membership fee payments are over! The system is fair, and accommodation is made for those who may not have the readies to pay immediately.

The Executive has this year considered the financial needs of the association going forward as we consider the membership trends over years alongside the current rates of our fees; plus, the income we source from other areas, which essentially is our conference.

We considered the costs and benefits of a significant increase in fees as a one-off to bring our income levels up. The principle in mind is that we wish annual membership fees to essentially cover the costs of the association’s activities for the year as well as ensure we have a surplus if ever there were significant complaint costs or other irregular costs. We do not want to rely on conference surpluses or on those members who attend conferences having to financially support those surpluses. Over the last 10 years, we have faced an annual shortfall between income and expenditure of around $9000 each year. Conference surpluses have topped up this shortfall, and while we note there is a concern, our conclusion is that action is required but it is not urgent. To cover this $9000 shortfall, we would need to increase fees by around 20% shifting the current Ordinary annual fee to $350.00 and for Associates and Affiliates to $180.

In line with section 4.9 of our Constitution, the Executive has decided to increase annual fees by 2% every year rather than every 2 years. This will begin in July 2022 this year.

Without increases to our expenses and budgeting on no conference surpluses, this accumulative fee increase will take 7-8 years to reduce the yearly deficit to $0.00

Another change to a process we are proposing relates to Associate members/trainees taking the initiative to create a training and/or supervision plan with their local training institute or campus rather than the other way around. Without an annual agreed plan with their campus or institute, Associate members become Affiliates. The onus is now placed on the trainee taking up the creation of an agreed plan as an active process. Again, this we feel is in support of developing AANZPA as a professional association, and that Associate members take up the responsibility for this plan as Ordinary and Distinguished members take responsibility for ensuring their currency requirements are undertaken and accounted for each year. When members do this, this streamlines the annual auditing of currency, because members take responsibility for understanding what is required of them to maintain currency with AANZPA or maintain one’s Associate membership. This moves us more toward being a “working group” away from basic assumptions of dependency. Again, it is volunteer fellow AANZPA members who undertake the currency review  and the difference between working with an ordinary member who is prepared for this as opposed to those who ask what they “have to do” once they are being reviewed is stark.

Regions Update

Thank you to the Presidents in the four regions in Aotearoa, Maria Snegirev in Otago Southland; Ali Begg in Canterbury Westland; Ali Watersong in Central and Cissy Rock in Northern. Also, to Bernadette Rutyna in Queensland. Your annual reports were received with interest.

There is one remaining AANZPA regional committee in Australia, in South Australia, and as yet an annual report has not been forthcoming. Tony Densley continues on as the President in South Australia with Jen Callanan and Dianne Pepicelli beside him.

There remain no regional committees in Victoria, NSW-ACT or Western Australia.

The reports speak to the impact of Covid in all areas of regional life. Reduced training, reduced public offerings of psychodrama groups or taster-type open evenings, reduced practitioner development workshops yet between the lines is a lot of energy, commitment and developing friendship.

Queensland Region

In Queensland, Bernadette Rutyna reports the region has established a psychodrama library of books for members and is in the process of setting up an online system to access electronic psychodrama resources. Covid has impacted the number of open sessions and education sessions able to be run in the community, however, the region and committee are collaborative, maintain positive sociometry and are in good heart. This is supported by Christo Patty’s provision of a beautiful new venue, Melaleuca Place, in which to hold regional meetings, open nights and psychodrama training. The Executive has accepted the Queensland mob’s generous offer to hold the next conference after Auckland, in Brisbane, in January 2024. Thank you to the regional committee.

Bernadette Rutyna is President in Queensland with Anna Heriot, Jenny Macintosh, Diz Synnot, Christo Patty, Jane Morgan and Gillian Somers on the committee.

Otago Southland Region

In Otepoti Dunedin three “Taste of Psychodrama” events were led by members of the regional committee. Covid significantly affected training availability this year. A new social media presence and an ever-increasing list of “friends of psychodrama” are initiatives committee members are taking to increase engagement and connection in this region. Rebecca Shaw has been taking up leadership roles in the region and we thank you, Rebecca, for coming in alongside the long-serving faithfuls of Judith MacDonald, Trisha Bennett and Maria Snegirev.

Maria Snegirev has resigned as the regional president of the Otago Southland region. The committee is now Judith MacDonald, Rebecca Shaw, Trisha Bennett and Cinnamon Boreham.

Canterbury Westland Region

Despite lockdowns and protection requirements, bi-monthly Theatre of Spontaneity events have still managed to go ahead in Christchurch, with many people coming to attend for their first time. A decision was made not to try and run these evenings for the public online when lockdowns prevented meeting in person. Members have kept engaged with each other with peer groups, a practitioner development event, pot-luck dinners, and a professional development role training event led by a local Associate member.

In Canterbury Westland Ali Begg is the president of the region. She is joined on the committee by Uli Frank, Marcel van der Weerdon, Jo Fasheun, Mohammed Zareei and Jim Goodwin.

Northern Region

In the Northern Region, the annual Regional Summer Picnic was again held at Cushla Clark’s farmstead north of Auckland. A third annual Exposition attended by over 20 local members was held in the middle of the year, pre-lockdown. This year Bev Hosking was invited to introduce the region’s members to learning Playback Theatre to facilitate “moments of meeting” for the group. A strong desire in several members to do more with Playback Theatre developed. The Northern group continued their commitment to regular monthly Open Nights led by regional practitioners and in 2021 eight sessions were able to proceed. Capturing much of the regional attention the Northern Region Conference Committee have been working away, watching news reports and Covid trends closely in their endeavour to offer us

Cissy Rock is the President in the Northern Region. Cushla Clark, Sue Christie, Yvonne Shaw, Robin Sutcliffe and Craig Whisker are committee members.

Central Region

In the Central region, the geographic separation challenge between those in the South Island and those in the North Island has been worked with, with increasing creativity. In 2020, considerations of separating into two distinct regional groups were rejected and it was agreed to operate as one region with two sub-regional groups and a liaison person from each sub-region on the main committee. Each sub-region is free to fulfill the objects of the Regional Regulations in the best ways they see fit. To do so, each sub-region will have available its share of the AANZPA capitation for the year. Committee meetings occur bi-monthly online.

In Wellington, nine Theatre of Spontaneity events occurred across the year with 100 people attending these, with members encouraged to “bring a friend or an interested someone from their networks”. A Wellington-based peer group that started with 4 members some 20 plus years ago and at times ran with 16 members has come to an end this year.

In the Nelson sub-region a regular peer group of practitioners and trainees continue to meet and this year a Psychodrama Open Day was held in May attended by over 20 of the psychodrama community and public with AANZPA members leading four workshops across the day. Members are very active in leading psychodrama groups particularly Renee Alleyne and Ali Watersong leading groups for women and for women survivors of sexual abuse funded by ACC sensitive claims. They have been supported by Marian Hammond from Northern, Cinnamon Boreham from Otago Southland and Carol Parkinson-Jones. 

I’d like to make mention here of Marian Hammond’s work in Aotearoa. For more than 20 years Marian (Min) has been leading Freedom to Fly workshops for women survivors of sexual abuse who have been able to come together in groups funded by ACC. Several practitioners and trainees have worked alongside Marian over the years to support this work and learn from her. Currently Marian runs these psychodrama-based workshops with Judy Sutherland. She continues to offer 4-5 weekend workshops each year.

This is a significant commitment you have made Marian to this population and to support colleagues to develop the workshops you created so they may be run in other parts of the country. We acknowledge your tenacity, vision and leadership.

Ali Watersong is the President of the Central region, alongside Monique Zwaan, Anja van Holten, Simon Jones, Simon McClellan is the Lower North Island liaison and Bronwen Pelvin the Top of the South liaison.


In 2021 the Executive undertook a review of the current Regional regulations and administration of regions including capitation payments. This is partly in response to Australian regions in Victoria and NSW-ACT and WA remaining without committees. These regions have been operating outside of our constitutional requirements and one reason might be that the current regulations contribute to this situation and review of these was seen as one way to support regions and ensure our conserves still contain spontaneity. Following liaison with the regional executives, an email has been sent to all AANZPA members regarding the changes we would like to alert you to in the administration of regions and changes thus to the Regional Regulations. There are motions we would like to propose to and vote on at the AGM. These are in a separate document in the AGM reports online.

One area we have given attention to as we have looked at the state of the regional administration is the matter of capitation. The Regional regulations are clear that capitation payments made to regions can only be made to regions where there is an active formally constituted committee voted by region members at a regional AGM. The Executive has decided that no capitation payment would be made to WA, NSW-ACT, and Victoria in the 2022 financial year. Alongside the Regional regulation changes we have also given notice that regions currently without committees WA, NSW-ACT, Victoria, will have until 31 October 2022 to hold a Special General Meeting and elect a committee. If no committee is elected the Executive will institute the dissolution process of the region and any funds remaining in a regional bank account will be transferred to AANZPA.


The website must be doing its job adequately or we would have been made aware of complaints and concerns. This year we have finally managed to formally replace Simon Gurnsey as the AANZPA Webmaster. He has generously and patiently stayed in the wings while this process took the time it did and has been involved in creating a productive handover to the new webmaster, Christchurch-based, Brockdin Barr of Catchlight Design Ltd. who supported Simon designing the current iteration of the AANZPA WordPress website.

The scope of this work includes hosting and maintaining the website, securing and ensuring security updates of the AANZPA website; assisting members’ and others’ ability to access and use the technological tools that we use to run the organisation as well as fixing and keeping them up to date. These include Xero, Jotform, Mailchimp, Google Workspace, Stripe, YouTube & Vimeo. Essentially, he becomes our ‘go-to guy” for all website technical stuff. He has prepared, like Lynne our Membership Administrator, an AANZPA Website Owner’s Manual.

One development that has been occurring within the Executive is that we are now using AANZPA email addresses for formal aspects of the association administration so there is a transferable email archive for each role. This encourages us to use AANZPA email addresses rather than private email addresses for AANZPA related work. For example or etc. or for internal group communications

The Executive will be working with Catchlight during 2022 to develop the scope of the website’s use to build member profiles, to capture demographic data of members in order to have a better appreciation of membership trends and patterns and details and to create greater links for AANZPA members online. If you have ideas for the website functionality or features you think we could do with hearing about please feel free to contact me .


As per the 2020 AGM, AANZPA chose to continue to be a Member Association of PACFA in order to promote recognition and professional standards of psychotherapy and counselling in Australia. We did this because we believe that this is in alignment with AANZPA’s objects to work to promote the reputation and recognition of psychodrama in our countries and between similar national and international groups and societies. Ordinary AANZPA members in Australia are eligible for registration on a national register and receive PACFA member opportunities and benefits, including the PACFA insurance discount. Go to their extensive website and check out the offerings they have that might be of interest to you.

Patricia O’Rourke and Helen Phelan are the Executive’s delegates to PACFA and Rob Brodie continues to assist in the forming and development of the College Of Psychotherapy. Diz Synnot who is no longer an Executive delegate has continued to remain abreast of developments and to support the current delegates.

Thank you, especially to you, Helen Phelan for the complex, detailed work you have done over these past six years to keep AANZPA abreast of PACFA’s developments and liaising on behalf of AANZPA with PACFA’s leadership. You have made it increasingly possible for both this Executive and the past Executive to think widely about something we might have preferred to bury our heads in the sand over.


I’d like to thank Diz Synnot who is now in her second year as Archivist. The Archives are now safely housed back in Brisbane with a bookshelf kindly donated by Anna Heriot. Diz reports “I am foreshadowing that I will go through all the contributions and determine those that have merit in being kept together, for example, Lynette Clayton’s donated contribution. Other donations will be organised more as a storage and retrieval system, something like an information archive. This is to facilitate the answering of queries that can, for instance, be more efficiently answered when journals are kept together. This may occur when putting together an obituary and the dates a person served on the Executive are required. I anticipate that there may be some contributions that could be stored intact or by kind. I will err in storing them intact.”

PBANZ (Te Poari o ngā Kaihaumanu Hinengaro o Aotearoa, Psychotherapy Board of Aotearoa New Zealand)

Hamish Brown continues in his work as the Chair of PBANZ. PBANZ has been in the process of a consultation process with psychotherapy training providers in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the guidelines and requirements of training providers were released in 2021. Thank you, Hamish, particularly for keeping AANZPA abreast of the developments in the regulations of psychotherapy in Aotearoa and for the leadership you have shown supporting psychotherapy in Aotearoa.


We remain a member of the International Association of Group Psychotherapists IAGP. Neil Hucker is the current Chair of the IAGP Ethics and Professional Standards Committee.


After Rosemary Nourse resigned from the Executive last year, we have not been able to maintain an AANZPA presence on the Combined Counselling Association of Aotearoa New Zealand. This association comprises representatives from the various counsellor associations in Aotearoa NZ and meets online every 2 months. This is to keep each other informed about issues affecting counsellors and developments that affect counselling in Aotearoa NZ. A key motivation for AANZPA is also recognition for psychodrama if and/or when government registration is introduced for counselling.


Finally, I want to say something on a personal note about AANZPA. I love being a part of a community where we are who we are, messy, real, and authentic. Aspirational, loving and actively role-reversing at times;  gossipy, condemning and judgemental at others.

Not perfect, not all-sorted, unfinished, becoming. All of us have stood frightened on the precipice of something new, in the centre of the stage with our hearts beating fast, raw to the unknown mystery of self, exposed to ‘the world of others’. And that’s just being a protagonist!

That’s what brought us here. You saw change was possible, new ways of being or living were possible, and that the evolution needed most importantly is not that of the creation, but that of the creator. I wish you all much love and strength as we rise up a thousand times again, like the day, to meet the opportunities of the year ahead.


Rise Up …. Andra Day

You’re broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry go round
And you can’t find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains
And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the da
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
And I’ll rise up
High like the waves
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
For you
For you
For you
For you
When the silence isn’t quiet
And it feels like it’s getting hard to breathe
And I know you feel like dying
But I promise we’ll take the world to its feet
And move mountains
Bring it to its feet
And move mountains
And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise up afraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
For you
For you
For you
For you
All we need, all we need is hope
And for that we have each other
And for that we have each other
And we will rise
We will rise
We’ll rise, oh, oh
We’ll rise
I’ll rise up
Rise like the day
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I will rise a thousand times again
And we’ll rise up
High like the waves
We’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
We’ll rise up
And we’ll do it a thousand times again
For you
For you
For you
For you
Ah, ah, ah, ah

This is the end of the President’s Report for 2022.