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APRIL 2018

for the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA)

Welcome to this Edition of Socio

Refreshed and renewed after the conference in Brisbane we are now moving from Iuk (Eel season) to Waring (Wombat season)
Cool, rainy days follow misty mornings. The time of highest rainfall and lowest temperatures. Waring (wombats) emerge to bask and graze in the sunshine.  Bulen-bulen (Superb Lyrebird) males perform their courtship displays.  Hearts of Kombadik (Soft Tree-ferns) are the major food when no fruits are available.  Days are short and nights are long.


Many thanks to contributors Hala Abdelnour,  Jacinta Loughland, Christo Patty, Paul Baakman,  Phillip Corbett, Jane Goessi, Simon Gurnsry.


First we will hear from newcomers to Conference:-

Hala Abdelnour
As a first year trainee and first timer at the AANZPA conference, I was blown away by the vibe and energy there.  The space was so well used for the various workshops and staying on campus was a perfect decision given the fullness of the program offered.  I was impressed with the options of workshops that covered academic discussions, professional development and personal development.  The social elements were equally enjoyable and essential to the experience.  Overall, I can only say that I’m really looking forward to future conferences and a long journey in the world of psychodrama.


 Jacinta Loughland
Attending my first AANZPA conference was an amazing experience,I was warmed up to  the diverse workshops on offer,and wondered how I would choose. When the presenters stood and briefly introduced the topic, I went with the person I warmed up to….. I am encouraged to step into my own spontaneity, and step up, be the woman I am created to be! I feel encouraged and stimulated and calm all at once, wow this is so enlivening for me, I would say a spiritual experience.  There were poignant moments as well, when a protagonist’s story touches your own wounds, but hope always shines like a light, through your tears…. and the dancing … no sitting around politely with this mob, the music starts and they are on the dance floor, and I am there!

So many precious moments shared with an amazing community of people, and I am encouraged to be bold and spontaneous. Overall an enriching experience, and I am grateful to all the people who organised such a great programme.


Everyone at the Chalkboard Concert had a great time, from the audience to the Fish Dancers


The Conference Committee looking very satisfied with their work (and tired).  Christo Patty, Bernadette Rutyna, Elizabeth Synnot, Neil Simmons, Andrea Hannah, Peter Howie, Jenny Macintosh, Anna Heriot, AND Wendy McIntosh


Kiaora and G’day,

Well the 2018 conference has come and gone. From our perspective in the ‘convening mob’s balcony’  for 2018, we hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed hosting the conference. If you weren’t able to attend, thanks for your well wishes. For those who weren’t able to attend, we hope the Facebook posts and social media telegraph captured something of the conference experience.
I think we were blessed with great weather for the conference in conjunction with an excellent setting, venue and partnership with Duchesne College. Duchesne really does work as a great base for folks when they come to Brisbane as everything is on the one level and easily accessible.
One of the delights of convening the conference has been building a warm up together, seeing each phase of the conference come together, imagining folk arriving, and then members populating the conference with their own style and grace. As each person registered for the conference I certainly experienced anew a good sense of meeting with everyone again. One of the things I was aware of in myself and certainly we focussed on this as the convening mob, was keeping a positive tele towards all our conference attendees. Hopefully this came through in our connections with you all.
We’re a member run organisation and it’s always pleasing to see how our folk put themselves forward at conference time – from roles we take up in the organisation and the roles we enact when we meet.
We were delighted with the program for 2018, created from the various offerings. We continued some experiments from previous conferences – including the “no frills” approach to hosting, offering a wide variety of formats for people to put forward proposals for conference sessions and utilising the conserves that have been developed over the years in regard to our conferences.
The social aspect of conferences always appeals and feedback from many quarters indicated that the band for the dinner dance really hit the mark for people – we think they may make a return appearance for 2019.
Pre conference workshops were well attended and assisted people warm up to themselves, each other and the conference.The post conference workshop worked a treat for continuing to build our ‘artistry’.
The approach our Executive has undertaken in the AGM has developed an increasing involvement of members during the meeting. This was demonstrated in 2018 with direct testing of the pulse of members in relation to refining and crafting our vision and expressing possibilities for upcoming conferences. Members expressed enthusiasm and thoughtfulness as the various options were explored.

Thanks again for each of your generosity and welcoming spirit. Here’s to the psychodramatic stage we create with our conferences …. let’s continue to express as Moreno said our “aesthetic demonstration of freedom”

Christo Patty
for the Brisbane convening mob


I like Psychodrama because… it reflects the totality of life. Psychodrama combines both art and science, humanity and wisdom, play and work. Psychodrama assist in understanding and working with a person in the full context of their environment, relationships and experiences and this is a powerful factor in building respectful and effective relationships, professionally and personally.



Victorian Region  AGM, June 2017

Neil Hucker, Phillip Corbett, Ethel Tillinger, Saaskia Dickson, Jeremy Martin, Cecelia Winkelman, Joan Hamilton-Roberts, and Peggy Cook.

The AANZPA Vic AGM was held on Sunday 29th October in Toorak. 
Cecilia lead an interesting and enjoyable warmup session on the subject of Working With Heart in Our Practice, deepening our reflections on this subject brought forward in Phil Carter’s Plenary Address to the Auckland conference.  
Reports were delivered on our previous year’s activities and our new committee was elected.  
Once again a lively discussion ensued as to the nature and function of the committee in the context of other groups in our region including Psychodrama Australia, currency group and peer groups. We intend to engage in a dialogue with local members about what particular contributions both social and educational we can make to assist members and extend the reach of Psychodrama into the broader community.

Our new President is Joan Hamilton-Roberts and Treasurer Phillip Corbett.

Ordinary members are Teresa Mears, Rob Brodie, Saaskia Dickson and Jeremy Martin.

Phillip Corbett


Picnic in Paradise

Northern Region Members and friends met in February 2018 for a picnic at Cushla Clark and Rick Horst’s Matakana home and garden paradise.

We had a glorious sunny day to enjoy stimulating conversation and meaningful connection. The food and drink was delicious and Cushla’s homemade ice-cream was to die for.

Picnickers represented the range of experience in our region including potential trainees, trainees, practitioners and trainers. It was significant to have four attendees of the first three-week psychodrama training run by Max and Lynette Clayton in 1971.

Dale Herron, John Barton, Valerie Hunton and Chris Hosking shared memories of that time, along with Rex Hunton, who took part in the following training programme. 

Valerie was the first certificated psychodramatist in NZ, followed by Rex Hunton and Wayne Scott the next day. It is wonderful to have the depth of psychodrama experience continue to be so generously shared in our region.


Peer South

Peer South met at the Lovely Lincoln home of Joc Phiskie and had a fruitful and restorative weekend. Getting together were Ali Begg, Ali Watersong, Gillian Rose, Jenny Wilson, Joc Phiskie, Judy Sutherland, Judith McDonald, Simon Parkinson Jones and Simon Gurnsey.


Jean Mehrtens, Noa Gross, Margie Abbott, and Jane Maher
Please forward all suggestions to the current Editor, Jean.

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