Journal articles

Authored by Anna, Bona

Author Title Issue Keywords Abstract Sequence
Anna, Bona AANZPA Journal #28 2019 Introduction (PDF, 96.9 KB) Journal 28 December 2019 introduction Welcome to the 2019 edition of the AANZPA Journal, which includes seven articles and three book reviews. 0 2019-12
Anna, Bona A Literature Review of the Integration of Psychodramatic Principles and Practices in Education (PDF, 112.1 KB) Journal 12 December 2003 Reviews the literature available on applying Moreno's work to schools and classrooms and how it can improve learning and educational outcomes. This literature review has helped highlight and describe the large body of Morenian work in the education sector. 8 2003-12
Anna, Bona Who Will I Choose And Who Will Choose Me? Using Warm Up and Sociometry to Facilitate a Progressive Classroom Culture (PDF, 74.7 KB) Journal 11 December 2002 Discusses the use of warm up, sociometry and sociometric thinking in facilitating a progressive classroom culture. It is observed that these methods helped the students to release their anxiety and warmed up to progressive roles and a sense of fun and spontaneity. 1 2002-12