Journal articles

Authored by Bassi, Jerri

Author Title Issue Keywords Abstract Sequence
Bassi, Jerri A Psychodramatic View of Adolescence (PDF, 69.7 KB) Journal 13 December 2004 Suggests guiding principles to help develop a better relationship between the adolescent and the therapist. The roles of adolescents in a fragmented role cluster are indicative of negative functioning. 8 2004-12
Bassi, Jerri Book Review: "The Origin and Nature of Sexuality: A Research Report using A Scientific and Religious Role Theory of Unified Reality" by Kevin Franklin (PDF, 48.7 KB) Journal 12 December 2003 No abstract available 2 2003-12
Bassi, Jerri Psychodrama in the Frame (PDF, 344.2 KB) Journal 23 December 2014 I facilitate groups of people commonly regarded as long-term psychiatric patients from a variety of cultures, socio-economic situations, and with a variety of diagnoses. This on-going group is funded by regional health authorities and referrals are received via multidisciplinary teams across Wellington, NZ. The 2 hour long sessions are divided into 8 week cycles which allow people to enter and leave the group. Some people remain in the group for longer periods of time, some for several cycles. 2 2014-12
Bassi, Jerri Sociometry and Psychodrama with Teenagers: Improving the Quality of Their Lives (PDF, 565.6 KB) Journal 3 December 1994 A counsellor's attempt to improve the quality of the lives of teenagers at risk of drug and alcohol abuse in a Dunedin community setting is discussed. The methods used, based on Jacob Moreno's principles on self-realisation, to make them understand their place on a sociometry scale and enable them to connect by sharing their experiences are described. 1 1994-12