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Authored by Batten, Francis

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Batten, Francis The Story: An historical account of my path to the idea of 'Magister Ludi, Master of Play' (PDF, 1.4 MB) Journal 1 December 1992 This article is an extract from the thesis Francis has written for his qualification as a psychodrama director. This portion of the thesis was selected for this article because it reveals something of Francis' ongoing journey over several years. Through the reading, we may be assisted to realise or re-realise the strength and power that can be inherent in gradually and steadfastly working to achieve long term goals. The overall focus of the thesis is on a role profile of the 'Magister Ludi/Playwright' and its application in the areas of Creativity and Spontaneity Training, and additional professional areas, such as in organisations as the role of the Creative Manager, the Strategic Leader, and within Playback Theatre as the Conductor. 1 1992-12