Journal articles

Authored by Clayton, Dr. G. Max

Author Title Issue Keywords Abstract Sequence
Clayton, Dr. G. Max A Creative Spirit at Work in Our Association: Then and Now (PDF, 87.6 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 This keynote address was presented by Dr. Max Clayton to the 2011 Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association (ANZPA) Conference To Be And To Create, That Is The Challenge in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Dr. Clayton discusses the value of the living encounter, being grounded in the present moment, doubling and role development, and then goes on to highlight some of the founding principles and activities of ANZPA. He expresses his deep appreciation of the commitment to the learning and fine practice of the psychodrama method in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand and the enlivening of the human spirit that has resulted, before turning to the matter of a vision that might carry the association and its members forward. 8 2011-12
Clayton, Dr. G. Max Reflections on Doubling (PDF, 84.7 KB) Journal 18 December 2009 This article is an effort to present a clear, detailed and interesting portrayal of doubling through highlighting what it is, and through presenting and discussing efforts to function as a double with another person. A well functioning double has a profound effect on another person's level of self-esteem and in addition gains a greater experience of the wonder and value of human life. 9 2009-12
Clayton, Dr. G. Max Delightful Moments for the Toiling Psychodramatist (PDF, 348.4 KB) Journal 6 December 1997 The training group that represents an effort to recapture moments by shuffling the roles of director and protagonist is presented. A focus on the interview and an intervention by the trainer are also provided. 5 1997-12
Clayton, Dr. G. Max The Preparation and Writing of a Social and Cultural Atom Paper (PDF, 334.7 KB) Journal 4 December 1995 The manner in which writing the social and cultural atom paper helps a psychodramatist develop his/her positive identity and skills is discussed. Guidelines are presented on the preparatory steps involved and the communicative requirements needed to write the paper. 8 1995-12
Clayton, Dr. G. Max 25th Anniversary of the Commencement of Psychodrama Training in Australia (PDF, 229.5 KB) Journal 5 December 1996 No abstract available 9 1996-12