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Authored by Crawford, Robert

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Crawford, Robert Research on Psychodrama (PDF, 87.5 KB) Journal 3 December 1994 The author discusses the comprehensive manner in which "Selected Abstracts of Outcome Research and Evaluation in the Action Methods", published in 1984 by Thomas Schramski and Clyde Feldman presents conclusions from evaluative research on psychodrama. The research results highlight the important impact of role playing, sociometry and sociodrama in psychodrama on therapy. 7 1994-12
Crawford, Robert The Place of Psychodrama in the Treatment of Alcoholism (PDF, 801.9 KB) Journal 6 December 1997 Psychodrama is a unique way of entering into the patient's existence, and helping to focus on the important relationships, explore and change them. Psychodrama is used in alcoholism by getting the patient to use a method which helps in defining in a practical and creative way the present relationships, the way the relationship is wanted in the future, and has been shaped in the past. 2 1997-12
Crawford, Robert My Reflections on Counter-Transference in Psychotherapy (PDF, 259.0 KB) Journal 2 December 1993 No abstract available 4 1993-12