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Authored by Dewar, Josephine

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Dewar, Josephine Don’t call me a lady: issues relating to gender identity (PDF, 260.7 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 gender, gender diversity For some time I have been considering why being called a lady creates in me a desperate need to react aggressively. I was socialised into believing that there were two genders, man and woman, and that the male gender was more dominant and more important than the female gender. Social values and language were pivotal in formulating this construction. While I did not accept this formulation, intellectually I was drawn into the norm and socialised into being a woman. I am also a Lesbian and this socialisation has presented me with many negative roadblocks. Reflecting on my personal journey, I am now resisting the idea that language such as “lady” has any bearing on who I am. 3 2018-12