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Elizabeth, Clare The Metaphysical Tasks of the Psychodramatist (PDF, 1.1 MB) Journal 8 December 1999 The author argues that, in order to assist clients in their spiritual development, practitioners must first develop metaphysical roles that integrate the basic aspects of their own existence. She explains the metaphysical model of humanity as well as Jacob L. Moreno's philosophy, theology, and cosmology. She believes the metaphysical task of the psychodramatist is to help the client to reconcile and/or integrate body, soul, and spirit. She divides the overall metaphysical task of reconciliation into a series of smaller tasks for ease of operation. A case study demonstrates the enactment of three metaphysical role clusters, namely, the bridge, the mentor, and the visionary. The metaphysical tasks and roles of the Director are analyzed with reference to the study. 1 1999-12