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Authored by Hawken, Dinah

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Hawken, Dinah Role-Reversal: Personal and Political Implications (PDF, 805.1 KB) Journal 9 December 2000 The paper explores the personal, social, and political implications of the psychodrama technique known as role reversal. The issue is discussed with reference to a role reversal vignette between a father and daughter that occurred in a personal development group for women. Several ideas relevant to the analysis of the relationship between the two protagonists in a role reversal are examined. The similarities between French feminist Julia Kristeva's three stages of the feminist struggle for equality and J. L. Moreno's stages of personality development are also discussed. 9 2000-12
Hawken, Dinah Poems by Dinah Hawken (PDF, 210.1 KB) Journal 5 December 1996 Poems by Dinah Hawken 2 1996-12
Hawken, Dinah Poem: Trick and Treat (PDF, 79.3 KB) Journal 5 December 1996 No abstract available 8 1996-12